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Postgraduate and Work Scholarships Testimonials
If you have your degree or are about to graduate, there are good opportunities for work and study. Read more...
University of Waikato. This New Zealand University offers a High Achievement Scholarship for International Students. Read more... "Aalborg is a wonderful city for students. I always bump into friends and never feel alone... and I came top of the class last semester!" Read more...
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UCAS: Next steps Student resources   Featured University
If you are among the many students who have applied to a British University, these are the next steps you must follow. Read more... Choose your college studies well. The first in a series of articles to help you make the best decision for your future. Don’t miss out! Read more... Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. ZIBAT has 5 campuses in Denmark and offers a modern study environment, with programmes focused on the labour market. Read more...
Jan 16 2013


Are you thinking of studying abroad and would like first-hand information on the available options? IEC Lynk is introducing a new way to learn about the study programs from some of the most important international schools: our monthly informative sessions where you will get all of your questions answered in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

Starting on January 30th, you are invited to attend the informative sessions we will be hosting every month at our offices. You will meet representatives from a number of prestigious institutions and receive academic counseling from the most qualified sources. A great chance to find out everything you need to know and take your first steps towards a promising future.

The first of these informative sessions is scheduled for January 30th and will focus on the University of California San Diego Extension. Our guest will be Roxanne Nuhaily, Director of ELI and International Student Service. She will present an overview of the different Certificate Programs the University offers to international students and the many attractions of everyday life on the Californian coast.

On February 21st we will be hosting a Study in Denmark session, where you can discover some of the country’s most remarkable features and the reason it attracts so many international students every year. We will clarify aspects such as visas, how to combine work and study, free tuition for EU students and other things you need to know before your trip.

On our March 21st Study in Holland session we will have a special guest from the land of tulips. Ms Marloes Heering from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences will be telling us about the Dutch lifestyle and the details of their Higher Education system, as well as employment options once you have completed your degree.

In March and April we will have sessions covering schools in Australia (Langports Brisbane) and New Zealand (Media Design School), which we will be posting about very soon.

Please let us know if you would like to attend any of our free informative sessions by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 • Wednesday, January 30th. 6 pm
Certificate Programs in the U.S. with U.C. San Diego Extension

• Thursday, February 21st. 5:30 pm
Study in Denmark with Ros Slemint and the IEC team

• Thursday, March 21st. 5:30 pm
Study in Holland with the Saxion University of Applied Sciences

→ Where: IEC Lynk  Paseo de la Castellana 151-10B. 28046 Madrid

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