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Postgraduate and Work Scholarships Testimonials
If you have your degree or are about to graduate, there are good opportunities for work and study. Read more...
University of Waikato. This New Zealand University offers a High Achievement Scholarship for International Students. Read more... "Aalborg is a wonderful city for students. I always bump into friends and never feel alone... and I came top of the class last semester!" Read more...
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UCAS: Next steps Student resources   Featured University
If you are among the many students who have applied to a British University, these are the next steps you must follow. Read more... Choose your college studies well. The first in a series of articles to help you make the best decision for your future. Don’t miss out! Read more... Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. ZIBAT has 5 campuses in Denmark and offers a modern study environment, with programmes focused on the labour market. Read more...
Jan 10 2014


Dear Student:

If you are among the many students who have applied to a British University, these are the next steps you must follow:

  • 1. Track the progress of your applications  http://www.ucas.com/students/offers/trackprogress
    Go to: www.ucas.com / Track Progress / Log in to Track. (https://track.ucas.com/ucastrack/Login.jsp)
  • 2. Understand the types  of offer you will receive http://www.ucas.com/students/offers/offertypes
  • 3. Reply to your offers  http://www.ucas.com/students/offers/replyingtoyouroffers
  • 4. Secure your place at the University  This should be easy. Submit your grades and English test scores, following the University’s specifications, to the admission’s office; include your name and reference number. Your grades should be scanned directly from the original document, and include an official English translation if necessary. When you arrive at the university in a few months, you will have to present the original transcript.
    Next, usually 10 to 20 days later, you will receive a confirmation of place from the University and UCAS will display an “Unconditional Offer” notice, which finalizes the admission process. Congratulations!
    The University will e-mail you the details of your student account, where you will find a wealth of useful resources on student life, courses, events, etc.
  • 5. Accommodation
    Some universities allow rooms in student dorms to be booked in advance by paying a small fee; others don’t. Most of them guarantee on-campus accommodation and it’s always good to make any necessary arrangements as soon as possible. Once you have received your formal admission, you will be able to secure your spot.
  • 6. Tuition Fees
    Tuition fees can be paid before or after you arrive via bank transfer following the University’s procedure. If you have asked for a student loan, you should inform the admission office and provide the required documents once you have submitted your application.
  • 7. Arrival
    First-year students have one or two weeks of orientation, pre-registry and registry before the courses begin. This initial contact is extremely important; you will meet your future classmates and teachers, sign up for your chosen courses and sports cubs. By the time your classes begin, you will already be an expert in university life.
    The University will inform you through your personal site of your appointed dates of arrival, orientation, registry, and the start of your classes.
    Remember to bring your academic transcripts, and their official translation if necessary, when you make your registry at the University!

You can count on us for anything you may need during the process. We wish you the best in this exciting time of your life.

Kind regards,

The IEC Lynk staff

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