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Postgraduate and Work Scholarships Testimonials
If you have your degree or are about to graduate, there are good opportunities for work and study. Read more...
University of Waikato. This New Zealand University offers a High Achievement Scholarship for International Students. Read more... "Aalborg is a wonderful city for students. I always bump into friends and never feel alone... and I came top of the class last semester!" Read more...
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UCAS: Next steps Student resources   Featured University
If you are among the many students who have applied to a British University, these are the next steps you must follow. Read more... Choose your college studies well. The first in a series of articles to help you make the best decision for your future. Don’t miss out! Read more... Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. ZIBAT has 5 campuses in Denmark and offers a modern study environment, with programmes focused on the labour market. Read more...
May 24 2013

La-Trobe IMS

(Via archdaily) - Take a tour through La Trobe University's impressive Institute for Molecular Science, a major new building on the Bundoora Campus which will position La Trobe as an international research leader in the fields of Molecular Science, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.

The building is designed around the University’s specific model to create a pathway for students in Science; an environment where students can develop into student researchers and ultimately into lead researchers, with lower levels devoted to undergraduate learning spaces with large, open, flexible labs, and upper levels focusing on research and based around a highly collaborative model, where ‘super labs’ allow for a very close connection between all research areas.

And remember, you can now apply for the 2013 La Trobe Science Scholarships, aimed at students wishing to undertake any of the courses offered at the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering. Read more about these Scholarships here.

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