Constant renovation

What we call learning is an ongoing process that takes place throughout every stage of life. It begins in early childhood, when we are taught basic socialization and interaction skills at school, and it continues through those crucial years when our character and preferences begin to take shape and beyond, as we become adults and choose a career path to pursue professionally. We select an activity that will make us self-sufficient individuals, hoping to achieve some sense of fulfillment along the way. Ideally, this process of instruction and knowledge acquisition doesn’t ever come to an end, for we never cease learning and incorporating what we live into our wealth of experience.

This brief reflection points to the fact that your future professional profile won’t depend on a single decision or on the path chosen at an specific moment, but on a combination of several events spread over the course of your personal and professional trajectory, many of which you won’t be able to anticipate; what we call our life experience, which is unique for each of us. Every unexpected turn represents a new opportunity to acquire skills and strengths you may not have set out to conquer; it is crucial to maintain an open, accepting disposition that can accommodate change and is prepared to extract knowledge from any situation that may come about.

Choose your path

Several circumstances can influence your choice of a field of study, whether they be personal, external or simply a matter of opportunity; the extent of your knowledge of the available options is also decisive, and the key is how you prioritize among these different elements. The first thing you must take into account is the sphere of your personal interests, the fields you feel especially drawn to or occupations that will allow you to apply your knowledge on what you are passionate about; you must also consider your abilities and natural talents, for we usually enjoy most doing what we excel at. Besides personal inclination, you must be aware of external factors that define professionally relevant areas at a given moment, and of the swiftness with which the academic sector responds to a constantly changing reality and to blossoming trends in the global market. You must aspire to become not only someone with the highest degree of preparation in an specific area, but also an individual determined to tread new ground, someone that others may follow in the future.

Explore your options

Many new career options appear every year as a consequence of technological and scientific development on the global scene. We advise you to make a detailed enquiry into the many existing alternatives before you make up your mind. If you are more scientific or technically inclined, you may be interested in an Engineering program that offers you a ground year that will acquaint you with the most recent specializations available, including burgeoning sectors such as Nanotechnology and Mechatronics. The field of Biology and Behavioral Sciences is led by the discoveries in Neuroscience, some of which have forever altered our understanding of the way brain and consciousness work. There are also many innovative programs within the Environmental Sciences, where you will be able to apply your talent, for instance, to the research into Renewable Energies, for a responsible technical advancement and the search for growth models which are both balanced and sustainable on the long run.

Technical progress has had particularly interesting ramifications in the sphere of Entertainment and Creative industries. Specializations such as Motion graphics, Digital art, Videogame Design and programming or 3D environment generation now have their corresponding degrees in some of the most prestigious schools worldwide. The interdisciplinary field of Communication and New Media is also constantly expanding to accommodate aspects like Social media, Online journalism and Communication strategies and viral marketing, applying their methods to the analysis and prediction of consumer patterns in the context of the current global information overload. Schools strive to keep their programs in tune with the ascendancy of digital culture and the demand for increasingly interactive content and formats.

The new scene of International relations has also brought about a world of possibilities on the side of Humanities, such as interpreters specialized in International corporative law, combining knowledge in Translation and International law.

You will find on our web testimonials from a few remarkable individuals who will illustrate the transition from academic achievement to subsequent careers, serving as real-life examples of how readiness to take chances and combine knowledge acquired through experience in different fields can open up unexpected courses before us. Our mission is to give you all the necessary assistance and information for you to envision your own future.