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  • How long do the courses last? 2 to 45 weeks. Courses usually start every Monday.

  • How do I know which course is right for me? Make sure your course at the appropriate level prior to enrolling. We can help.

  • How much will the course cost? From NZ$355/week. Explore the links below and contact us for confirmation.
  • - What visa will I need? For General English Courses you will probably prefer to travel on a tourist visa, if you course is under 24 weeks. For longer, you will need a student visa.

  • Can I work while I study? Generally you cannot work while studying English. Consult us for details.

  • Where will I live? Campus, homestay, residence or hostel, which we can organize for you in conjunction with the university of your choice.

General English

  • General English, The Campbell Institute, Wellington and Auckland an intensive course consisting in over 26 hours/week. Special conversation and pronunciation classes every week.
  • General English, Otago University, Dunedin This course uses communicative methods to enable you to learn and improve all skills, and you can chose optional classes for IELTS preparation or International Communication. Minimum 4 weeks.
  • Certificate of Attendance General English, Massey University, Albany, Manawatu and Wellington Your progress will be assessed regularly, and you will enrol in the university paper General English/English for Academic Purposes for the appropriate number of weeks. Upon successful completion of your individual course of study, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance in General English which details the length of your study period and the level reached. 4-12 weeks. 10 start dates each year.
  • Intensive English Language Studies, Massey University, Albany, Manawatu and Wellington Students in the Intensive English Language Studies programme (IELS) work intensively in small groups and work on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students also study academic and general vocabulary and grammar.
  • General English, The Dominion School, Auckland. Courses of up to 25 hours/week, designed to help you communicate accurately and fluently.

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