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  • How long do the courses last? Generally from 2 – 12 weeks.
  • How much will the course cost? From C$245/week. Explore the links below and contact us for confirmation.
  • You will need an intermediate or upper-intermediate level (IELTS 5.0 or more).
  • What visa do I need? You may travel on a Tourist Visa (up to 24 week course) or Student Visa for longer courses.
  • Where will I live? Hostel, residence or homestay which we can organize for you with the university or school of your choice.
  • Intensive English for Medicine, Access International English Language Centre, Toronto. Designed specifically for anyone already working or studying in the field of medicine and health care. Learn to successfully communicate in a clinical environment. Upon successful completion of this program, students wishing to gain Canadian work experience may complete a Medical Internship at a Toronto hospital. 30 lessons/week.
  • Intensive Business English, Access International English Language Centre, Toronto. This program will help you develop the skills necessary to communicate in the international world of business. Practical work experience can be gained by participating in the Work Internship program. 30 lessons/week.
  • English for Lawyers, Tamwood International, Vancouver. 25 – 30 hours/ week, course is for students aged 21 or over. For lawyers, law students with a minimum of 3 years’ law study at university, judges and officials. Combination of general English classes and legal visits. 2 weeks
  • Business English & preparation Cambridge Business Exam, ILAC, Toronto & Vancouver. 2 levels (pre-advanced and advanced), study the weeks you need. Prepare for the Cambridge BEC. Learn negotiating, managing meetings, phone calls, formal and informal reports and a lot more.

TESOL Teacher Training

  • English for Teaching, LSI, Vancouver and Toronto. 20 group plus 5 or 10 individual lessons/week. Courses start every Monday. Topics covered: Language analysis, lesson planning, teaching the skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, classroom activities, using resources and materials, looking at learner's needs; dealing with learner's mistakes.
  • TESOL Teacher Training, ILAC, Toronto and Vancouver 4 weeks, 25 hours/week. Mandatory 20 hour unpaid practicum. 7 start dates/year. Study alongside native Canadians preparing to start their international teaching careers.

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