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  • How long do the courses last? Generally from 4 – 12 weeks.
  • How do I know which course is right for me? It is wise to plan carefully, ensure your English is at the appropriate level prior to enrolling.
  • How much will the course cost? From £230/week. Fees vary. Explore the links below and contact us for confirmation.
  • Can I work while I study? Yes, if you are an EU national.
  • Where will I live? Campus, homestay, residence or hostel, which we can organize for you in conjunction with the university or school of your choice.
  • International Business Communication, London School of English. This course is ideal for experienced executives, managers and professionals who wish to improve their language in a commercial context in the shortest possible time. Typically, participants have been working for some time and are already well established in their chosen careers. Maximum 6 students/class, 30 hours/week, 1 – 6 weeks. Average age of participants is 42 years.
  • Communicating Effectively in English, London School of English. Participants come from all professional fields. The course develops practical skills for meetings, presentations as well as general communication skills. Maximum 8 students/class, 25 hours/week, 1-8 weeks. Average age of participants is 39 years.
  • Young Business English, London School of English. Course designed to provide participants with the skills they need for their career and is also an excellent preparation for MBA studies. Maximum 10 students/class, 24 hours/week, 1-8 weeks. Average age of participants is 26 years.
  • Legal English, Young Lawyers, London School of English The course includes legal case studies, communication strategies, meetings skills and negotiations. The vocabulary covers civil law (including contract law), EC law and criminal law. Specialist trainers and input from the real legal world. Maximum 10 students/class, 25 hours/week, 3 weeks + online course. Average age of participants is 26 years.
  • Legal English: Commercial Lawyers, London School of English. The course includes case studies, negotiations, discussions and meetings, and the materials combine real professional content with highly effective learning methodology. Visits to law firm and civil courts. Maximum 6 students/class, 30 hours/week, 1 week course, fixed start dates. Average age of participants is 35 years.
  • English for Law + ILEC Preparation, Wimbledon School of English, London. Study 15 legal topics and prepare for the ILEC exam. Minimum age 20 years, 28 lessons/week, 5 starting dates each year.
  • Legal English: Public Sector Lawyers, London School of English. The course is designed to improve your performance in international meetings and discussions of legislative proposals, consultations on specific areas of law, presentations, and interpretation and discussion of legal documents. Topics typically include EU institutions and legislation, national legislative procedures, administrative law and employment law. There are opportunities to focus on specialist areas. Maximum 6 students/class, 30 hours/week, 1 week course, fixed start dates. Average age of participants is 41 years.
  • English for Young Engineers, London School of English. For engineers aged 20 – 30. Years. Develop your ability to use English effectively, Focus on using clear communication in technical language, presentations, meetings, problem solving and telephoning. Maximum 10 students/class, 254hours/week, 2 weeks, fixed start dates.
  • English for Finance, Wimbledon School of English, London This course will help you improve all your financial English skills and prepare you for the ICFE (International Certificate in Financial English) exam. Minimum age 20 years, 28 lessons/week, 4 starting dates each year.
  • English for Professional, Hampstead School of English, London. The Hampstead Professional Suite is designed for professionals in specialist industries. Intensive courses, from 1 week duration, up to 30 hours tuition/week. Their VIP facilities include coffee lounge, computers, free WIFI, printers, scanners and fax facilities. Check out these amazing courses: Legal English, Hospitality English, Financial English, Business Communications, Medical English, Insurance English, Military English, Diplomatic English, Engineering English, and MBA preparation.
  • Executive Residential Programme, OISE at Sherbourne Priors, near Stratford-Upon-Avon. This programme allows participants to achieve their communication objectives quickly and effectively as you will share classroom as well as recreation and dining time with your trainers.
  • Quatorial Programme, OISE Oxford. Programme includes daily lessons, team project work, daily News Review to discuss international events as they are happening, Spoken Performance Workshop, and a 1:1 class. Intensive and personalised. Maximum 4 students/class.
  • Quatorial Programme, OISE Cambridge. Maximum 4 students/class. Programme includes Language Acquisition, Controlled Practice, Performance Practice Workshop, Writing and reading competency, Listening with ease, Masterclass of 1:1.
  • Professional English and Communication Skills, Canterbury Language Training, Canterbury. Micro-group training of 2-4 participants. Individualised attention ensures best use of time. This immersion programme includes classes 30 hours/week, networking lunches and social activities with your trainers.
  • Executive and Professional English, Accent International Language Consultancy, Devon. 25 years offering high quality specialized and individualized courses to professionals and executives. Maximum 25 students in the whole school. Courses for all professionals in a gorgeous country setting.
  • English Language for the Arts, The Language Centre, University of the Arts, London. 20 hours/ week, specialist language for Art, Design or Fashion. Each programme is for 2 weeks. Start dates in July and August. Minimum age 16 years. Book early!
  • English for Business, Beet Language Centre, Bournemouth. Intensive programme on practical business English skills. Learn how t write in different business contexts, take part in meetings and make phone calls.
  • English for Travel and Tourism, Beet Language Centre, Bournemouth. Available in July and August. Great for those interested in the travel and hospitality industry. Each student will make a presentation of tourism in their country.
  • English for Media and Culture, Beet Language Centre, Bournemouth. A combination of media and life and culture in Britain. Study television, radio, advertising, films, publishing and internet-based media. The students love making their own videos. July and August. May be combined with other module options.
  • Young Business Professionals, Wimbledon School, London. For students 20 years or more wanting skills training in a variety of business subjects and situations such as role plays, writing up business meetings, studying real cases from current business stories.
  • Teacher’s Refresher, Wimbledon School, London. For overseas teachers who want to enhance their proficiency and study recent developments in teaching methodology.
  • Professional Business Courses, Concorde International, Canterbury. Designed for adults 21 years+ who wish to improve their professional English in an intensive course.
  • English Language Courses for Teachers, Concorde International, Canterbury. Improve your professional skills teaching English in your home country. Network with other teachers.
  • English for Law Students, Cambridge Academy, Cambridge. For law students and young practising lawyers with intermediate+ level. 3 week course, 12 students/class, 21 hours/week + teacher assisted self-study. Visit legal institutions and meet legal professionals.
  • English for Professionals, Colchester English Study Centre, Colchester. 40 years offering professional courses such as English for Managers, Administrators or Bankers, or Financial English.
  • Professional English Training, Eckersley, Oxford. 30 hour courses for 1-4 students. Personalised attention ensuring a solid learning base.
  • English for Professionals, ELC York, Manchester. Course targeted at business professionals who work 1:1 with a tutor or in small groups. Accelerated learning.
  • Business and Professional, English for Special Purposes, English in Chester, Chester. Intensive courses for professionals with no time to lose: English for Tourism Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Customer Services, Architecture/Conservation, English in the World of Finance. 35 lessons/week, minimum age 25 years. Possibility to combine with an intensive weekend course.
  • Club 8 Intensive and Business English, Frances King School, London. Small group situation designed for business and other professionals. Also English for the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Executice ClasSIX, Regent Language Training, London,  Oxford, Cambridge, Bournemouth, Brighton or Edinburgh. An accelerated learning programme with no more than six participants in each class. It is suitable for any ambitious learner including professionals. The small group size gives each client a high level of trainer interaction. A special course called ClasSIX Combinaion, comprising 15 hours of small group tuition with 15 hours of one-to-one per week to focus on highly specific needs, is also available.

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