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  • How long do the courses last? Generally from 2 to 12 weeks. Courses usually start every Monday.
  • How do I know which course is right for me? Make sure your course at the appropriate level prior to enrolling. We can help. You will need an upper intermediate level of English.
  • How much will the course cost? From US$350/week.Explore the links below and contact us for confirmation.
  • What visa will I need? For General English Courses over 20 hours tuition per week, you will need an F1 student visa.
  • Can I work while I study? English Language students are not permitted to work on an F1 visa.
  • Where will I live? Campus, homestay, residence or hostel, which we can organize for you in conjunction with the university of your choice.
  • Professional English for Specific Purposes, Rennert, New York and Miami. Are you interested in Finance, Marketing or Law? Network with other international professionals as you discuss history, trends and recent developments in finance, sales and marketing and law. Qualified teachers with industry experience. One week courses, fixed start dates.
  • University Class Auditing, Rennert, Miami. Study English 20 hours/week, then audit classes at St Thomas University; subjects may include Sports Tourism, Principles of Business and Environmental Administration or Public Relations.
  • Business English, Rennert, New York & Miami. Weekly modules on topics such as leadership, marketing, foreign investment, money and finance, new markets, and team building—to name a few. Increase your business English vocabulary and put it to use in mock business scenarios, debates, written exercises, and presentations.
  • Business English in Action, Rennert, New York. First 2 weeks in Business English course, then during weeks 3-14, you volunteer work in a New York company.
  • Business Intensive, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Integrated skills core course with listening and reading electives. All courses are based on English instruction for business. For Advanced students only.
  • International Business Communication Program, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia A 4-week program designed for business professionals who want to improve the effectiveness and confidence with which they communicate in professional situations in English. 25 hours per week of instruction and other organized activities and is designed around an ongoing, integrated skills business simulation, which presents new challenges every day for the motivated global business person.

TESOL Teacher Training

  • Best Practices in TESOL Certificate. Rennert New York. Intensive 6 week program, 210 hours. Gain professional competence through workshops guided lesson-planning practice teaching with real ESL students. Make a presentation to American school children when you visit their school.

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