There is a growing trend among international students to take a year between finishing high school and starting university – to stand back and consider options, to do something different, to prepare better for university, travel, learn a language, volunteer, gain work experience. If you tried for the university of your dreams and didn't make it, take a year, raise your profile, try again. We've seen the results and they are good. This is generally a decision-making year and those who take it are consistently satisfied. There are also some specific foundation programmes for students who want to get ready and apply for Postgraduate studies.

Categories Foundation Studies

  • Language Studies for University
  • Academic Studies with Language Studies

Categories Gap Year

  • Volunteering


  • Weeks (languages or volunteering)
  • 0.5 year
  • 1 year

Where will Iive?

  • Campus
  • Homestay

Can I work while I study?

  • Yes, depending on the type of visa you have. You will find further information on this in the sections of our web or check out with the embassy nearest you.

Tuition fees vary according to course and destination. See each school or university for specific figures.

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