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Language Studies for University

  • Access English, ANU College. Designed for students to complete their English program in time to begin their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. 10 weeks, twice a year.
  • University English Entry Couse, UNSW Global. For students who have conditional offers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) but do not meet the English entry requirements. Outstanding preparation experience for academic study at UNSW. 10 or 15 weeks.
  • English for Academic Purposes, Griffith University. For students students who plan to study at University. Key focus areas include listening to lectures, note-taking, planning and writing academic essays, oral presentations and group discussions. 5 to 45 weeks.
  • Direct Entry Program, Griffith University. For students with a letter of offer from Griffith University which is conditional on English language proficiency. Students who qualify for and successfully complete the program progress directly to their chosen Griffith University degree. 10 weeks.

Academic Studies with Language Studies



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