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Academic Studies with Language Studies 

  • Griffith Foundation Programme, Griffith College. An innovative one year (or one semester) programme for those needing to perfect their English, and possibly unsure of their career path, which combines academic studies with language studies. Students completing such a year will be more confident and better prepared to make their choice. The student may choose to continue his or her studies at Griffith College or in another English speaking country. There are several options from which to choose, all within the college Faculties:
    1 - Combined Course. Choose up to six first year subjects across any of the faculties (subject to timetabling)
    2 - Full first year degree / diploma programme. Study any first year degree or diploma programme (all subjects compulsory). On successful completion of this year, you may continue on to the second year programme. In the case of an only one year diploma programme you are awarded that diploma.
    3 - General or Business English Lessons + 2 subjects from the first year degree/diploma programmes.

  • University Foundation Programme, Galway Business School. The programme is aimed at giving learners access to our Diploma in Business course which is the first step onto a route at a degree programme in Galway Business School or in other third-level colleges and universities in Ireland or the UK. The course looks at core business areas as well as the language of business and English for Academic Purposes. 26 weeks.

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