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  • Master Degree. 12 to 15 months full-time.
  • Interview and portfolio sometimes required.
  • Specialize.
  • Diversify.
  • Tuition £6,000 to 8,500/year EU students for most courses.
  • Check Worldwide for destination details.
  • Check below for content and requisites.

Automotive and Transport Design.

Careers. Designer in the automotive industry, Managerial and practical in transport manufacturing, Designer for engines and work in development in motorsport companies.

  • MA Automotive Design, Coventry University. Suitable for both aspiring practitioners of automotive design and those aiming for design management positions. Option of working on a project set by the automotive industry.
  • MSc Design and Transport, Coventry University. You will study design concept generation and development, modelling of designs and systems, human factors, sustainability.


Careers. Ceramics designer for this and related design professions.

  • MA Ceramics, University of Central Lancashire. Craft, design, functional, decorative, individual or mass production, sculptural and architectural.


Careers. Fashion business, designer, buyer, marketing.

  • MA Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Studies, University of Central Lancashire. Theoretical, analytical and research based, allowing individuals from related disciplines who do not necessarily have appropriate practical skills, to study at postgraduate level within the fashion environment.
  • MA Surface Pattern, University of Central Lancashire. Ruthlessly explore pattern and decoration, reflecting on the social, cultural and aesthetic context for surface pattern design in the 21st century.


Careers. Commercial design.

  • MSc Serious Games and Digital Content, Coventry University. Develop core competencies of analysis, synthesis, decision making and ability to cope with complex new opportunities, technologies, techniques and issues in the Serious Games environment.
  • MA Games Design, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. Build up a personal work reflecting your desire for innovative creativity.


Careers. Graphic designer.

  • MA Graphic Design, University of Central Lancashire. Initial modules will direct students to generate their own personal research project related to visual communication. 
  • MA Graphic Design, Coventry University. Centered around the idea of the place and value of design in business, commerce and regeneration, the building of a design community, a consideration of the current discussions around ethics and responsible design that is internationally relevant Design that is sustainable, responsible and versatile.

Industrial and Product.

Careers. Artist, Designer, Creative industries, Education, Manager of design functions, Toy designer.

  • MSc Design Engineering, Bournemouth University. 1 year full time or 2 years with optional work placement. If you want to become a Chartered Engineer, this is the place to start. A Master Degree accredited by the Institution of Engineering Designers, is a pre-requisite for most chartered engineers.
  • MSc Product Design, Bournemouth University. 1 year full time or 2 years with optional work placement. You will realize design solutions using advanced design and analysis tools incorporating business aspects of new product designs, managing documents and communicating projects plans and results.
  • MA Product Design Management, Bournemouth University. 1 year full time or 2 years with optional work placement. Both Design and Engineering companies/organizations like this course since it provides a systematic approach to design and the decision-making process.
  • MA Consumer Product Design, University of Central Lancashire. You will identify an an area or interest you wish to explore through the course.
  • MA Industrial Product Design, Coventry University. This MSc in Industrial Product Design covers areas such as branding, the social impact of design, design management, design innovation, design technology and global design issues.
  • MA Toy Design, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. For students already skilled in industrial/product design to explore the contextualisation of their existing skill base relative to this new area.


Careers. Commercial designer.

  • MA Interior Design, University of Central Lancashire. Applicants have typically studied Interior Design or Architecture, may choose to work within an established area of contemporary interior design practice or explore the potential for design diversity.

Transdisciplinary Design.

Careers. Explore new areas, change careers, go into creativity and design.

  • MA Transdisciplinary Design, University of Central Lancashire. For graduates from business and technology who want to direct themselves towards a career in the creative industries.

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