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  • Specialize or diversify.
  • Graduate Certificate 1 semester.
  • Master Degree. 1 to 2 years.
  • Interview and portfolio generally required.
  • Tuition US$10,000 to US$13,500 inernational students.
  • Check Worldwide for destination info
  • Check below for content and requisites.


Careers. Interior designer.


Careers. Join the US$68 billion game design and development industry.

  • MS IT Game Design and Development, Southern New Hampshire University. Combines IT with game: computer games and human behavioral simulations; interfaces, UDK3 editor, Unity, Python, HTML5.0, storyboarding, human behavior, legal and ethical issues.


Careers. Web designer.

  • MS IT Web Design, Southern New Hampshire University. HTML/XML, scripting, embedding rich media and database connectivity, audience analysis, branding, page layout and templates, content organization, and managing and marketing websites.

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