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  • Master Degree. 1 or 2 years.
  • Work part-time while you study.
  • Tuition A$ 9,500/semester to A$26,000 /year.
  • Job opportunities after graduation!


  • Master of Astronomy, James Cook University, 1.5 years. Provides graduates with a level of training that will allow them to participate professionally in the research of the discipline.
  • Graduate Certificate of Astronomy, James Cook University, 0.5 years online. The JCU Internet degree offerings are a nested set that allows students to choose which level of training they will undertake. This allows you to proceed beyond the Certificate degree to higher level of degrees.
  • Doctor of Astronomy, James Cook University, 3 years online. For middle professionals, amateur astronomers and teachers who have an interest in astronomy and its practice.


  • Master of Chemistry, Australian National University. 1 year. Versatile program; electives that allow specialisation in a range of areas in chemistry e.g. medicinal chemistry, materials chemistry, theoretical chemistry etc. Compulsory research proposal and project component .
  • Master of Chemical Sciences, La Trobe University. 2 years. Provides chemistry graduates with additional/advanced training in specialised areas of chemical science such as analytical chemistry, computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and instrumental methods.

Energy Change.

  • Master of Energy Change, Australian National University. The program brings together the wide-ranging expertise at ANU to cover policy, legal, environmental and regulatory aspects of energy change, underpinned by a fundamental scientific and technical base.

Mathematics and Statistics.

  • Master of Mathematical Sciences, Australian National University. 1 year coursework program, which comprises the course work component of the Master of Mathematical Sciences (Research) program.
  • Master of Mathematical Sciences (Research), Australian National Univeristy. Intended to enable students to upgrade their expertise in the mathematical sciences either as a route to further study of mathematical sciences or to upgrade their quantitative skills in a number of areas (such as the biological sciences and computational science) that are rapidly becoming more reliant on advanced techniques from the mathematical sciences.
  • Graduate Certificate in Mathematics, University of Technology Sydney. Minimum 0.5 year. Allows study programs designed to suit different university graduates; from mathematicians who need to refresh or deepen their knowledge in a certain mathematical discipline, to holders of business, engineering or science bachelor's degrees who need a mathematical foundation for further studies.
  • Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Statistics for Business and Finance, University of Technology Sydney.
  • Master of Science, Mathematical and Statistical Modelling, University of Technology Sydney. Select 48 credit points from options (see link).
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, Australian National University. Introduction to the basic practice of applied statistics. May be used as a bridging qualification for entry to the Master of Applied Statistics degree for those without previous advanced study in a quantitative field.
  • Master of Statistical Science, La Trobe University. Further your understanding of the statistical modelling of physical, biological and economic phenomena; contribute to applied research and development in industry, commerce and research.
  • Master of Actuarial Statistics, Australian National University. Designed as a 'conversion' program for students with a solid background in mathematics or statistics, but limited actuarial knowledge.


  • Master of Nanotechnology, La Trobe University. 2 years. Understanding, creating and controlling events on the scale of nanometres (millionths of a millimetre). Strong research focus with high-achieving students working in the state-of-the-art research laboratories equipped with world-class fabrication and analytical technology. 


  • Master of Photonics, Australian National University. Provides a higher qualification in Photonics for students with a traditional engineering or science background.


  • Master of Sciences specializing in Earth Physics, Australian National University. For students from all areas of the physical sciences. Seismology, geodynamics, geodesy, geophysical fluid dynamics as well as receiving a broad exposure to exciting new areas of Earth Sciences. One year full-time.


  • Master of Science, Australian National University. Pathway for science graduates to extend knowledge in chosen field or develop an understanding of specialised fields in which they have little previous knowledge.
  • Master of Science in Physical Science, La Trobe University. 2 years. Covers space physics, x-ray science and surface and materials science. It provides students with experience and competence in areas of physics where experimental work is vastly different, being either laboratory- or environment/field-based.
  • Master of Science, La Trobe University. Flexible program to take knowledge and skills to an advanced level through a Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and Master's postgraduate coursework options. Each course offers specialisation in a specific discipline.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Science, La Trobe University. 1 year. Study options in various disciplines. Melbourne campus: biochemistry, botany, chemistry, genetics, mathematics, microbiology, physics, statistical sciences, and zoology.
  • Master of Science, Generic Option, University of Western Sydney. Advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in a range of specialist scientific fields. Develop understanding of specialist fields in which you have little previous knowledge, or extend your previous expertise.

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