undergraduate art320 150 postgraduate320 150 england
  • Develop or change route.
  • Master Degree. 1 year full-time.
  • Interview and portfolio generally required.
  • Specialize or diversity.
  • Tuition £6,000 to 8,500/year EU students for most courses.
  • International students.
  • Check Worldwide for destination info.
  • Check content and requisites below.

Art History and Curatorship.

Careers. Advertising, critic, writer, historian, conservator, curator, film industry, gallery owner, journalist, marketing, museums.

  • MA Art History and Theory, University of Essex. This course provides students with the opportunity for an in-depth understanding of aspects of art history from Early Renaissance art and architecture to the present day.
  • MA Curating Contemporary Art, University of Essex. Students have the opportunity to combine practical and theoretical training in contemporary curatorial practice with a grounding in the history and principles of the ways and methods of making contemporary art visible.
  • MA Curating Latin American Art, University of Essex. Students have the opportunity for an in-depth understanding of aspects of Latin American Art from the conquest to the present day, including systematic knowledge informed by advanced work in the field, and for some original work either by developing new material or in the application of ideas to existing material.

Contemporary Arts Practice.

Careers. Professions such as exhibiting artists, curatorial practice, arts consultancy, education, digital entertainment and new media industries

  • MA Contemporary Arts Practice Coventry University, Coventry. Live, phonic or lens-based art, new media, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, moving image, digital video or expanded cinema.

Fine Art.

Careers. Artist, designer, creative industries, education.


Careers. Publishing, animation, film, emergent media.


Careers. Photojournalism, documentary photography, editorial work travel photography.

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