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  • Master Degree 1 to 2 years.
  • Postgraduate Diploma 1 year.
  • Wide range of Humanities subjects to choose from.
  • Tuition NZ$ 23,500 to 29,000/year for international students.
  • Part-time work on your Student Visa.


  • Master of Arts (Anthropology), University of Waikato. Particularly concerned with sociocultural anthropology - that is, the comparative study of the whole range of contemporary human societies and cultures.
  • Master of Arts (Anthropology), University of Otago. Archaeology, Biological anthropology and Social anthropology.

Languages, Interpretation and Translation

  • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Victoria University. Candidates for the programme must already have a good undergraduate degree and must have at least two years' experience in language-related work.
  • Master of Arts in Applied Language Studies, University of Waikato. Covers language analysis and looks at the impact of language, culture and communication on our society. A significant component of this programme is research based.
  • Master of Professional Language Studies - Language Teaching, University of Waikato. Aimed to create language teachers who have awareness of the issues in language teaching, and who are able to maximise learning opportunities for their learners. Study includes teaching practice and reflection.
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics, Victoria University. Aimed to give graduates a solid understanding of the ways in which language is structured and used.
  • Master of Speech and Language Therapy, Massey University. Students will develop research skills that will prepare them to use and add to the knowledge base in speech and language therapy..

Literature and Writing

  • Master of Arts in New Zealand Literature, Victoria University. A specialised degree designed to foster research in New Zealand literature by using Wellington's uniquely rich resources for New Zealand studies.
  • Doctor of Literature (LittD), University of Otago. Awarded only to individuals who have achieved special excellence in their original contributions to linguistic, literary, social or historical knowledge.
  • Master of Literacy Education, Massey University. Allows students to further update their professional literacy qualifications by undertaking additional papers at the post graduate level and completing a literacy-related research project.
  • Master of Creative Writing, University of Waikato. Sitting with the New Zealand Society of Authors on AUT's City Campus, the Centre is a dynamic environment where candidates can develop, articulate and position their work for creative industries at home and abroad.


  • Master of Arts (MA) in Geography (2 years), Victoria University.The first year involves course work and a research preparation course. The second year is a full-time research project.

History, Sociology, Philosophy & Religious Studies

Performing Arts & Theatre

  • Master of Theatre Arts in Directing (2 years), Victoria University. Taught jointly by the Theatre Programme and Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School, students will develop the necessary skills to direct and initiate projects in the professional theatre and related areas.
  • Master of Arts (Theatre Studies), University of Waikato. A theory-through-practice approach to teaching and learning, to enable students to gain an informed understanding of theatre.

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