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  • Master (MSc, MLitt) 12 months.
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) 9 months.
  • Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) 6 months.
  • Funding possibilities certain programmes.
  • September start dates. Some courses January.
  • Great country to study Arts & Humanities!


  • MSc People and the Environment, University of Aberdeen. With a focus on areas such as conservation, landscape and access, human-animal relations and indigenous rights, and is designed to furnish students not simply with an informed and nuanced understanding of the issues..
  • MSc/ PgDip Design Anthropology, University of Aberdeen. It will provide students with a set of theoretical understandings and analytic skills drawn from the practice of leading anthropologists based in Aberdeen.
  • Master of Research in Social Anthropology, Ethnology & Cultural History, University of Aberdeen. It aims to guide students in how to access, and use, key sources of research material (archival, visual, musical and museological), and to provide training in ethnographic fieldwork and related research methods (interviewing, audio-recording, filming and surveying).


  • MLitt / PgDip Medieval Studies, University of Aberdeen. The courses reflect research interests drawn from various disciplines including Celtic, Divinity, English, French, History, History of Art, and Scottish and Irish Studies.
  • MLitt / PgDip Modern Historical Studies, University of Aberdeen. Students are given a thorough grounding in the techniques and tools of historical research before they carry out their dissertation during the summer months.
  • MLitt/ PgDip Renaissance & Early Modern Studies, University of Aberdeen. Designed to provide specialist training in technical, analytical, and theoretical skills within a properly interdisciplinary environment.

Literature and Writing

  • MLitt Comparative Literature, University of Aberdeen. Study literature and culture within its intellectual, philosophical and aesthetic contexts.
  • MLitt/ PgDip The Novel, University of Aberdeen. Study all aspects of the theory and practice of the novel, from the seventeenth century to the contemporary. The focus is the novel in English (including Scottish, Irish and American), but opportunities may also exist for comparative study of other novelistic traditions.
  • MLitt/ PgDip English Literary Studies, University of Aberdeen. Intended to provide a basis for undertaking research in English literature including the literature of Scotland and Ireland.
  • MLitt Creative Writing, University of Aberdeen. Designed to offer students the opportunity to develop their creativity and literary skills in a highly supportive, constructive learning environment.


  • MLitt Philosophy, University of Aberdeen. A rigorous academic programme in Philosophy designed to equip students with the competencies and insights required for doctoral level research.

Religion, Culture and Society

  • MSc Anthropology of Religion, University of Aberdeen. This programme re-examines the relationship between religion, state and governance in light of recent transformations on the world stage.
  • MTh Biblical Studies, University of Aberdeen. Designed to stimulate reflection on the use of the Bible in theology by crossing the conventional disciplinary boundaries between biblical exegesis and systematic theology.
  • MSc/ PgDip/ PgCert Religion and Society, University of Aberdeen. Provide students with an advanced sociological understanding of the reciprocal interactions of religion and society, with particular focus on the modern west.


  • MSc/ PgDip/ PgCert Sociology, University of Aberdeen. Covers the core theoretical and methodological concepts and debates in sociology and offers a series of elective courses that reflect the department's expertise and current research.
  • Msc/ PgDip Sociology of Peace Processes, University of Aberdeen. It analyses three instances of international peace processes in which these themes are explored empirically - Northern Ireland, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

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