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  • Master Degree, 2 years.

Aviation Management.

  • Master of Aviation Management, Massey University. 2 years. Increasingly the aviation industry needs senior people who have not only the technical knowledge and expertise, but also advanced aviation qualifications and skills. The Master of Aviation degree offers graduates the opportunity to gain such skills and a qualification that will significantly enhance career prospects in the internationally competitive aviation sector.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Aviation, Massey University. 1 year. Advanced programme of professional education in a range of specialist aviation topics.
  • Bachelor of Aviation Management with Honours, Massey University. 1 year. Higher degree for students with a BAvMan who wish to acquire specialist advanced training. Separate degree, consisting of taught papers and a piece of supervised research, which students gain in addition to the BAvMan. Honours graduates who achieve a good class of Honours (First Class or Second Class, Division One) may be eligible to complete the MAv by thesis or may be eligible to proceed directly to the PhD..

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