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  • Master Degree 2 years
  • Combines study, internship and thesis
  • Great content
  • Tuition €0 for EU students
  • Choose either the Coopenhagen or Aalborg campus


  • Geoinformatics (Surveying, Planning and Land Management), Aalborg University. directed at students with a Bachelor's Degree in surveying, land management, urban planning, environmental planning, geography or study programs with similar contents interested in understanding the concepts and obtaining the necessary skills to manage various kinds of digital geographic information.

Information Technology

  • Information Technology (Information Architecture), Aalborg University.  computer mediated communications, and as such usability and user-centred-development are keywords in our field of study. This enables you to develop, plan and execute studies that combine technology, design and human factors, providing knowledge into the field of user driven innovation.
  • Intelligent Relliable Systems (Information Technology), Aalborg University, Esbjerg campus.  For students with a bachelor-level education in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or a closely related field of study. The programme features a variety of courses and projects within the areas of intelligent reliable systems.
  • Networks and Distributed Systems, Aalborg University.  Master in engineering, with several specialized courses in computer networks, network modeling and performance analysis methods, network planning and management, fault-tolerance and reliability study in the field of distributed systems.
  • Human Centred Informatics, Aalborg University. use and design of IT, and the relations between humans and IT.
  • Medialogy, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen campuses. bridge the gap between technology and creativity.    design and the technologies used within film, sound, computer games, digital animations and graphics? Do you want to learn to develop computer games, computer-generated animated films in 3D environments and interactive media productions?


  • Software Development, Aalborg University.  2 years.  Contemporary software development in leading-edge software organisations and research institutions.

Technology and Business


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