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  • Master Degree 1 to 1.5 years
  • Postgraduate Diploma 1 year

  • Tuition International NZ$20,050 to NZ$30,850/year

Computer Science

  • Postgraduate Diploma Computer Science, Waikato University, 1 year. Professional qualification for graduates with a strong background in computing. Particularly suitable if you are working in areas related to computing and wish to bring your expertise up to date with developments in this fast changing field.


  • Master of Science and Technology (Electronics), Waikato University, 2 years. Electronics (controlled flow of electrons to carriers of electric charge) covers a range of developments from microscopic electronic circuits and machines, mobile and computer communications, to advances in medical diagnosis and treatment, and development in the latest audio and video technologies.

Forensic Computing

  • Master of Forensic Information Technology, AUT, 1 year. Critical aspects of forensic information technology - seizing and securing IT equipment used for criminal activity; interpreting and analysing content of hard disks and other electronic media to build an understanding of the processes underpinning possible criminal activity; gathering evidence from electronic media and other sources of potential criminal activity in a systematic and rigorous way; presenting such evidence in a court of law in a way that is intelligible to non-experts; and recreating e-laundering trails to allow for seizure and forfeit of criminal proceeds if required by a court of law.

Information Technology (IT)

  • Master of Service-Oriented Computing, AUT, 1 year. There is demand for IT professionals with skills to work where applications and services are increasingly reliant on distributed computing in its contemporary forms such as cloud computing. The service-oriented approach allows the creation of flexible and dynamic business processes across organizations and computing platforms.
  • Master of Information Studies, Victoria University of Wellington. Broad-based, technology focused for information professionals, with content and structure evolving to reflect the dynamic and rapidly changing work environment of information and communication technologies. As well as the MIS degree, there are 'stepping stone' options of a Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate.
  • Master of Computer and Information Sciences, AUT, 1 year. Research and professional approach to deliver skills and knowledge for industry practice, and industry or academic research.
  • Master of Information Science, Massey University. 240 credit qualification for students who want to pursue postgraduate study and research in a specific field.

Information Technology and Management

  • Master of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington. Postgraduate, post-experience, professional, managerial qualification designed for maximum flexibility. For professionals with working experience wishing to pursue a career in management of information services, information systems, e-government, enterprise systems and electronic commerce.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management, Victoria University of Welllington. Start date any of the 3 terms during the year.


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