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  • Finance, Investment, Banking and Accounting are closely linked.
  • Master Degree 1 to 1.5 years.
  • Tuition £6,000 to 8,500/year EU students for most courses.
  • Internships with most courses.


Careers. AICPA preparation, Accountant, Financial, Portfolio, Risk management.

  • Master of Accounting MAcc, American InterContinental University – London Campus. Advanced specialization in the field and to help prepare for senior-level opportunities. The program culminates in two courses that may prepare students for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) licensure examination.
  • MSc International Accounting, University of Essex. develop your vision and understanding of the changing roles and perception of accounting within the context of changing global markets, competition and shifting societal values.

Accounting and Finance.

Careers. Accounting and Financial Manager, Professional Accountants, Financial Analyst, Financial Consultant.

  • MSc Accounting and Financial Management, Coventry University. One year with internship option. The course meets the demand from industry for high quality, rigorous and well-trained researchers and effective practitioners. The programme covers both advanced accounting and financial management modules giving students a certain level of flexibility to explore more before specialising in a particular area.
  • MSc Accounting and Financial Management, University of Essex. Suitable for students with a business or economic degree.

Banking and Finance.

Careers. Financial institutions, Risk, Regulatory practices.

  • MSc Global Banking and Finance,European Business School, London. One year, 7 core modules and 1 elective module. Reinforce the strategic and international dimensions of global banking and finance; workshops and seminars by business practitioners from the corporate financial world.
  • MSc Banking and Finance, Coventry University. One year. Strategies of financial institutions, financial instruments, risk management and regulatory practices.  
  • MSc Banking and Finance, University of Essex. Develop a broad vision and understanding of the changing role and nature of modern banking firms within the context of an increasingly market-oriented and risk operating environment, the impact of technology, financial innovation, regulation and the internationalization process.

Computational Finance.

Careers. Graduates have gone on to become quantitative analysts, portfolio managers and software engineers at various institutions, including major investment banks.

  • MSc in High Frequency Finance and Trading, University of Essex. This MSc programme aims to equip students with the core concepts and quantitative methods in high-frequency finance along with the operational skills to use state-of-the-art computational methods for financial modeling.
  • MSc in Computational Finance, University of Essex. The MSc aims to equip students with the core concepts and mathematical principles of modern quantitative finance along with the operational skills to use computational packages for financial modeling. 12 month programme.
  • MSc Financial Computing, University of Essex. The main objective of this degree is to enable students to attain a high degree of competence in software development in the area of financial software engineering for implementation in an electronic market environment.


 Careers. Economic analysis, Economist, Consulting, Foreign exchange dealing, Analysis and forecasting, Investment banking.

  • MSc Economics, University of Essex. Flagship course providing advanced training in techniques of economic analysis. ESRC Doctoral Training Centre accreditation.
  • MSc International Economics, University of Essex. This course equips you with the skills for a career in international organisations engaged in business and finance, or in government and non-governmental organisations concerned with global development.
  • MSc Management Economics, University of Essex. This Masters programme trains you to use economics in managerial decisions and in the analysis of strategic interaction among firms.
  • MSc Financial and Business Economics, University of Essex. You will graduate with key employability skills like mathematical techniques and statistical analysis, research skills and the ability to evaluate trends in business and finance.


 Careers. Banking, investment and forecasting, local government and other fields.


 Careers. Investment, Portfolio, Risk management, Corporate finance.

  • MSc Finance with Risk Management, Bournemouth University.Prepare to be a risk expert with the abillity to understand, measure and manage organizational risk.
  • MSc Finance, Coventry University. One year with internship option. specialist knowledge and skills in finance from a strategic and managerial perspective. The emphasis of the programme will be on the practical application of financial theories, concepts and principles.
  • MS Finance, Webster Graduate School, London. Corporate finance, investments, market instruments and institutions. coursework in related fields of accounting and economics. Various electives.  
  • Master of Finance, Hult International Business School – London Campus. Designed in consultation with top banking and finance professionals to provide first-class training for students wishing to gain more detailed knowledge of finance.
  • MSc Finance and Development, University of Central Lancashire. 12-month programme focusing on latest thinking on finance and development to analyze key problems characterising financial development. Finance and development from theoretical and applied perspectives.
  • MSc International Finance, University of Essex. You will develop a broad vision and understanding of the changing role and nature of international finance within the context of globalized markets, the increasingly widespread impact of information technology and the move toward large international trading blocks, such as the EU. As a graduate, you will be ideally positioned to take up a position in investment management, corporate finance, trading or consulting.

 Finance and Investment.

 Careers. Investment manager for pension funds, Institutional investors and private clients, Securities trading in equities, bonds and derivatives, Private client investment advice, Stock broking, Investment banking.

  • MSc Investment Management, Coventry University. One year. The course focuses on providing the types of skills and tools used by financial service professionals in the City of London and other leading financial centres. Internship possibility.
  • MSc Finance and Investment, University of Central Lancashire. 12-month programme delivered by the Division of Accounting and Finance at Lancashire Business School.  

 Financial Management and Business.

 Careers. In Strategic Management, Risk Analysis, Investment.

  • MSc Finance and Management, University of Central Lancashire. 12-month degree to prepare you for strategic management, risk analysis, strategies for investment.
  • MA Global Management (Finance), Regent’s Business School, London. Three semesters. Prepare for a career in global finance and business. The course includes a consultancy exercise with client.  
  • MSc International Business with Finance, Canterbury Christ Church University. 3 terms. Businesses must reinvent and innovate; prepare for this new international business arena.
  • Global Financial Services MBA, Coventry University – London Campus. One year. Receive a deep and broad critical knowledge, conceptual understanding and competence in the increasingly complex and fast-moving world of international financial markets. No work experience required. Start in October, January, April or July.
  • Finance MBA, Coventry University. One year with internship option. For students wishing to tailor their MBA from a financial and accounting perspective.

 Mathematics and Finance.

 Careers. Financial services, scientific computation, decision making support and government, risk assessment, statistics, education and other sectors.


 Careers. International Finance Trading.

  • MSc Global Financial Trading, Coventry University – London Campus. One year. is aimed at professionals looking to consolidate their knowledge of the world of international financial trading. Start in October and January.

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Ø  MSc Finance with Risk Management, Bournemouth University.  Prepare to be a risk expert with the abillity to understand, measure and manage organizational risk. 

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