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  • Postgraduate Certificate 6 months.
  • Postgraduate Diploma 9 months.
  • Master Degree 12 months.
  • Tuition EU students Master £3,400 to £11,000; PG Diploma £3,400 to £9,000.
  • Tuition international students Master £3,500 to £14,500; PG Diploma £3,400 to £9,000.

Accounting and Finance.

Careers. Investment, commercial and retail banking; Accountancy and financial management; Financial analyst; Investment management; Capital markets; Corporate finance and planning; Regulatory bodies.

  • MSc Accounting and Finance, University of Aberdeen. 12 months. Principles and practise of accounting and finance and an understanding of the analytical tools required to make appropriate financial decisions. Theoretical and practical skills and qualitative and quantitative tools necessary for the analysis of issues in different areas of accountancy and finance. Note: PG Diploma 9 months; PG Certificate 6 months.


Careers.  Economist.

  • MSc Economics, University of Aberdeen. 12 months. The Scottish Doctoral and Masters degrees in Economics represent a common programme offered by eight Scottish Universities and are designed to provide students with a thorough training in the skills required by today's professional economist. The first year is spent in Edinburgh and subsequent years can be spent in Aberdeen.


Careers. Finance.

  • MRes Finance, University of Aberdeen. 12 months. This degree programme is designed to provide the student with a thorough grounding in generic and subject specific research skills whilst commencing work on your research project.

Finance and Investment.

Careers. In Investment analysis, Fund management, Financial regulation.

  • MSc Finance and Investment Management, University of Aberdeen. 12 months. In drawing from internationally recognised expertise in the fields of Finance, Accountancy and Economics, students develop an awareness of what drives investment behaviour, therefore prices and returns, in the contemporary world of finance.

Health Economics.

Careers. Health Care Financial professional.

  • PG Cert Health Economics, University of Aberdeen, minimum 8 months. Insight into important issues in health economics, helping you face the daily challenges of resource allocation including an understanding of basic economic concepts; awareness of the range of approaches available for economic investigation and when to use them; understanding of how to conduct an economic investigation and of the arguments for and against different types of health care financing and of how different models of health care provision work.

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