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  • Master Degree 1 to 2 years
  • Graduate Diploma 1 year
  • Graduate Certificate 0.5 year
  • Tuition International A$8,800 to A$12,000/semester
  • Tuition International A$17,000 to A$27,500/year
  • Work while you study

Electronic and Electrical

  • Master of Electronic Engineering, La Trobe University, 1 year. Upgrade skills and specialise in rapidly-developing high-technology areas. Choose components that best suit your objectives.


  • Master of Engineering, Australian National University, 1 year. For students with a traditional engineering or other technical background seeking higher qualification in Systems Engineering. Contains professional development courses plus electives.
  • Master of Engineering, UTS, For professionally qualified engineers. Each program must be designed to enhance technological knowledge pertaining to one or more fields of engineering.
  • Master of Engineering, Griffith University, 1 year. Equips engineers with advanced skill levels in a wide variety of engineering fields by providing advanced academic knowledge and advanced practical and problem-solving skills.
  • Master of Engineering, Edith Cowan University, 2 years. Specialize in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Systems, Electrical Power, Electronics & Communications, Instrumentation Control & Automation, Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics.
  • Master of Engineering, UNSW via UNSW Global, 2 years. provides graduates with industrial training and the ultimate skills set for any technology-based career. Management courses are included, recognising the likelihood of graduates progressing quickly to senior positions.Specializations in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications.
  • Graduate Certificate in Engineering, Griffith University, 0.5 year. Equips graduate engineers with advanced skill levels in a variety of engineering fields.
  • Master of Engineering Double Degree options, Australian National University, 2 years.
  • Engineering Majors at UTS. See full range here.
  • Master of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW via UNSW Global, 2 years.
  • Master of Mining Engineering, UNSW via UNSW Global, 2 years.

Engineering Science

  • Master Engineering Science, UNSW via UNSW Global, 1.5 years. Specializations: Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Information Technology, Energy, Environmental, Food Process, Geoinformation, Geotechnical, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Microelectronics & Microsystems, Petroleum, Photovoltains & Solar Energy, Project Management, Signal Processing, Structural, Systems & Control, Telecommunications, Water Resource, Water Wastewater and Waste Engineering.
  • Master Engineering Science Extension, UNSW via UNSW Global, 2 years. Suited to practising engineers and graduates wishing to develop an expanded range of knowledge and skills in their area of expertise along with engineering and technology management in order to enhance their career opportunities in a particular area. See areas of specialization in Master Engineering Science above. 
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Science (Specialization), UNSW via UNSW Global, 1.5 years. Suited to practising engineers and other graduates wishing to pursue a specialised range of courses to enhance career opportunities in a particular area.

Engineering and Management


  • Master of Telecommunications and Network Engineering, La Trobe University, 2 years. Graduates are trained in the necessary skills and practical experience to excel in the industry from high-level specification of telecommunications systems through to realisation of communication circuits.


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