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  • Master Degree 2 years
  • Combines study, internship and thesis
  • Great content
  • Tuition €0 for EU students
  • Choose either the Coopenhagen or Aalborg campus

Computer Engineering

  • Machine Intelligence (Computer Engineering), Aalborg University. design, implement and analyse intelligent systems. Particular emphasis is placed on probabilistic methods for intelligent decision making and learning, and on techniques for intelligent web-based systems.
  • Data Engineering (Computer Engineering), Aalborg University. The programme is managed by the Center for Data-Intensive Systems, Daisy at the Department of Computer Science. Daisy is one of the world's leading research groups within spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal data management and business intelligence (data warehousing and data mining).

Energy Engineering

  • MSc Wind Power Systems (Energy Engineering), Aalborg University, Copenhagen and Aalborg. 2 years. Electrical aspects of wind power systems ensuring an excellent education in subjects such as generators, power electronics, control engineering and power system technology related to wind power applications.
  • MSc Wind Turbine Systems (Sustainable Energy Engineering), Aalborg University, Esbjerg campus. Advanced competences within aerodynamic conditions around the wind turbine and in wind farms and design, analysis and control of different control systems for wind turbines.
  • Msc Thermal Energy and Process Engineering (Energy Engineering), Aalborg University. The ability to design new, innovative energy technologies and systems will be decisive in the future, where competitiveness both in terms of efficiency and environmental issues will be fierce in order to meet market and society requirements.
  • MSc Power Electronics and Drives (Energy Engineering), Aalborg University. efficient and intelligent energy conversion employing power electronic technology and electrical machines. You are going to study these topics analytically, numerically and experimentally in an innovative research environment.
  • MSc Offshore Energy Systems (Energy Engineering), Aalborg University, Esbjerg campus. Design, analysis and modelling of offshore energy systems and system component interaction. Fluid mechanics and flow system, such as CFD and multiphase flows, fluid power and mechanical systems together with control, optimisation and diagnosis of offshore energy systems.
  • Combustion Technology (Sustainable Energy Engineering), Aalborg University. focuses on advanced competences in combustion technology, bio energy systems, fluid mechanics and flow systems, including CFD and multiphase flows.
  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology, Aalborg University. Energy system modelling, heat and mass transfer, control engineering and experimental work. The specialisation also involves different hydrogen and fuel cell related components and energy system aspects. A new laboratory has been built, giving you the possibility of constructing and operating fuel cell-based technologies in real applications.

Mechatronics and Mechanical

  • Electro-Mechanical System Design (EMSD), Aalborg University. Mechatronic system design, modelling and analysis of electro-mechanical systems, information technology and control theory.
  • Mechatronic Control Engineering (Energy Engineering), Aalborg University. Fundamental scientific principles and technologies used in the design of modern computer-controlled machines and processes, and it puts special focus on the synergies in the design process.
  • Control and Automation, Aalborg University. Development of intelligent control systems capable of un-supervised operation in noisy, dynamic, unknown, non-linear, real-time environments.

Software Engineering

  • Embedded Software Engineering, Aalborg University. Special emphasis on software for consumer electronics as well as transport, control, telecommunication and security systems. Both practical and theoretical aspects are covered.

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