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  • Master degree. 1 or 2 years.
  • Programmes will include work experience in Denmark or abroad.
  • Great opportunities for specialization.
  • Tuition €0/year EU students.
  • Tuition 65,000- 71,000 DKK international students.

Environmental & Energy Engineering

Careers: Consulting Engineer, Environmental Manager, Patenting, R&D in the private and public sector, Energy technology and systems, NGOs, Renewable energy companies, System analyst, Climate change consultant, Wind and site Engineer.

  • Master of Environmental Engineering (4 semesters), Aalborg University. Offers you the opportunity to participate in the development of new processes and technology, which can form the base for sustainable energy production and resource management. Final semester is devoted to the master´s thesis.
  • Master of Indoor Environmental and Energy Engineering (2 years), Aalborg University. This kind of engineer is responsible for creating an ideal environment for work as well as leisure: that is, an environment that considers the need for well-being and comfort of the individual.
  • Master of Offshore Energy Systems (Sustainable Energy Engineering) (4 semesters), Aalborg University. Advanced competences in design, analysis and modelling of offshore energy systems and the system component interaction.
  • Master in Sustainable Cities (4 semesters), Aalborg University. It will cover issues of engineering such as waste, energy, water resources and transport, as well as political science, green growth and different forms of impact assessment.
  • Master in Sustainable Energy Engineering (4 semesters), Aalborg University. Designed to meet the demands posed to engineers of the future. Founded in research-based teaching, applying the latest technologies. The following specializations are offered: Combustion Technology, Offshore Energy Engineering & Wind Turbine Systems.
  • MSc specialisation in Wind Power System (WPS) - Energy Engineering, (2 years), Aalborg University. Focus on the electrical aspects of wind power systems ensuring an excellent education in subjects such as generators, power electronics, control engineering and power system technology related to wind power applications.
  • MSc programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering with the specialisation in Wind Turbine Systems (WTS) (2 years), Aalborg University. Advanced competences within aerodynamic conditions around the wind turbine and in wind farms and design, analysis and control of different control systems for wind turbines.

Environmental Management

Sustainable & Development

Careers: General Biotechnology, Bioenergy companies, Research institutions, Consulting Engineering.

  • Master of Sustainable Biotechnology, (4 semesters), Aalborg University. Strong background in international research in sustainability, biofuels, and the use of biomass as raw material in bio refineries incorporating the newest technologies and scientific results within these rapidly expanding fields.


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