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  • Tuition £6,000 to 8,500/year EU students for most courses.
  • Work while you study.
  • Flexible delivery methods
  • Master Degree 1 year.

Environmental & Energy Management

Careers in Consultancy firms, Local government, NGOs, Corporate organizations, Environment Agencies.

  • MSc Biodiversity Conservation, Bournemouth University.  1 year full-time, 2 years part-time. The conservation of biodiversity is one of the major challenges facing humanity.  There is a growing need for professionals with skills covering biodiversity assessment, survey, site management, environmental monitoring, spatial information systems and IT, ecological principles and frameworks.
  • Master of Energy and Environmental Management, University of Central Lancashire. 1 year. Energy management is an emerging environmental field, and is linked with organisations looking to employ energy/environmental managers Energy is becoming a global issue and international development is linked to the economics of natural resources.
  • MSc Environmental Resource Management, University of Essex. This programme focusses on developing your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the management of environmental resources, including applied ecological skills such as surveying, protected species monitoring, habitat creation and restoration, environmental impact assessment and project management.
  • MSc Environmental Governance and MA Environmental Governance, University of Essex. A unique interdisciplinary course focusingon the analysis, conservation, protection and management of natural resources, and the institutions and policies that shape human actions. Suitable to graduates from all disciplinary backgrounds.

Environmental Economics

  • MSc Green Economy, Bournemouth University. 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time. An enviromentally sustainable economy is a political and socio-economic imperative: reduce carbon emissions,overexploitation of resources and environmental degradation.  This course seeks to provide a scientic understanding on which the transition to a green economy can be based.

Natural Resources Management

  • Master of Carbon and Resource Management (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. Critical approach to theories, techniques and methods in carbon and water management, with particular reference to the resource management and carbon mitigation.

Urban & Environmental Management

Careers in urban and planning industries.

  • Master in Sustainable Waste Management (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. Designed for practising waste management professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and understanding and for students intending to embark on a career in the industry.

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