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  • International non-EU/EAA, £14,500 for Science-based and MBA.
  • EU/EAA. Approximately £3,500 for the majority of courses.
  • Work while you study.
  • Master Degree 1 year.

Climate Change

  • Master of Climate Change Law & Sustainable Development, University of Aberdeen. Core courses in Climate Change Law and Sustainable Development and Law alongside a range of courses that will enable students consider the implications of both these issues within specific contexts.


  • Master of Forestry (MSc), University of Aberdeen. Emphasis is placed on multi-purpose management, where the management goals may include the production of timber or non-timber forest products, the promotion of rural livelihoods, the conservation of biodiversity and the creation of opportunities for recreation.

Marine Science

  • Master of Applied Marine and Fisheries Ecology, University of Aberdeen. The programmes include training in data handling, statistics and other research and generic skills, and the opportunity to carry out a four-month individual research project.

Sustainability & Development

  • Master of Ecology and Environmental Sustainability, University of Aberdeen. Training in state-of-the-art ecological techniques and concepts through a combination of field-based and lecture courses, culminating in an individual research project.
  • Master of Environmental Microbiology (MSc), University of Aberdeen. Wide-ranging training in environmental microbiology, applicable both to students with previous knowledge of a relevant sub-discipline and to those with little background in environmental microbiology.
  • Master of Sustainable Rural Development, University of Aberdeen. It aims to reflect the changes in the international context of environmental governance which has an excellent record of applied environmental and rural socio-economic research.

Renewable Energy

  • Master of Renewable Energy, University of Aberdeen. Teaching is by specialist staff drawn from Engineering, Chemistry, Geography and Environment, and the Energy Industry each of whom are highly regarded in their field of expertise.


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