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  • Tuition £6,000 to 8,500/year EU students for most courses.
  • Option of enrolling on an internship programme.
  • Master Degree 1 year.
  • Flexible delivery methods
  • Work while you study.


Careers: Opportunities within commercial design practice.

  • Master of Animation, University of Central Lancashire. Aims to develop the student's personal philosophies on design with a view to developing a personal area of specialism.
  • Master of Illustration and Animation, Coventry University. Designed for those who wish to enhance their existing professional portfolio together with their understanding of current and emerging practice.

Arts & Media Studies

  • Master of Digital Media and Culture, Coventry University. You will measure modern developments and place them in their historical and contemporary cultural context and will be analyzed through a variety of popular, commercial and media forms.
  • Master of Media, Southampton Solent University. Explore the creative and commercial possibilities of your ideas with the guidance of a widely experienced academic team. Theoretical and practice-based knowledge in digital media, film-making, journalism and publishing, marketing, script-writing for radio, television, film and stage and music theory and performance.
  • Master Media Communications, Regent´s College London. An overview in the field of media and communications through cultural, economical and political contexts. Students will learn how to apply qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to analyze media.

Film Studies and TV Production

Careers: Writing, Creative thinking, Problem solving, Presentation, research, Teamwork, Communication, Production related areas.

  • MA Cinematography for Digital Film and Television,  Bournemouth University. The programme will enable students to graduate from the UK's only Centre for Excellence in Media Practice and a recognised Skillset Media Academy.
  • MA Directing Digital Film and Television, Bournemouth University. This course creates professionals who can understand and produce moving images best suited to the rapidly-changing industry. The growing fragmentation of channels, and convergence of media forms, provides new challenges and opportunities for those equipped to lead and shape the future of the media.
  • Master of Arts in Film, Southampton Solent University. This MA focuses on professional practice to ensure that you graduate with the skills that employers require, whether these are in film production or writing on film.
  • Master of Film Production, Canterbury Christchurch University. Undertake intensive study in short film and video production. The programme provides instruction in, camerawork, lighting, sound recording and design, digital editing, scriptwriting, budgeting and directing.
  • Master of Arts in Television, Southampton Solent University. This MA has been designed in conjunction with leading industry practitioners, with a focus on professional practice. You will learn alongside with experienced professionals from the television industry.
  • Master of Television, Southampton Solent University. Accredited by Skillset, the Sector Skills Council for the Creative Media , as part of the University's Skillset Media Academy, a national centre of excellence in media education.
  • Master of Film Production, University of Central Lancashire. Students collaborate on their productions of Narrative Drama or Documentary in emulated 'Real World Environments' using high-end production methods and equipment.
  • MA/PgDip/PG Cert Film and Visual Cultures, Coventry University. Develop the conceptual tools that are necessary for analysing visual epresentations – the codes, meanings, visual languages and genres framing our visually dominated media culture.
  • MA Film Studies, University of Essex. Taught by academic film specialists and professional filmmakers, students gain a strong sense of independent filmmaking practice and the ability to apply their academic knowledge of film to collective and individual filmmaking projects.
  • MA in Film Making, East 15 Acting School through University of Essex. This course is designed for the new generations of filmmakers who write, shoot, edit and distribute their films themselves. It is addressed primarily to students with limited experience of filmmaking but a background (through education, personal/work experience or a combination of the two) in work relevant to the area.

Health Journalism

  • Master of Health Journalism, Coventry University. Draws on our established links with the fields of print and broadcast journalism, including staff research, publication and journalism on health policies at national and international level, and health campaigning.

Journalism & Mass Communications

Careers: Employee communications, Internal communication management, Public and voluntary sector organizations, Editors, Reporters, Writers and Sub-editors in local radio and regional TV, network TV and radio, television research, international news media & agencies.

  • MA International Journalism, Bournemouth University.  Journalism in global contexts; reporting skills; news and features; digital magazines & photojournalism; environment, conflict & crisis news; investigative journallism; convergencejournallism; dissertation of journalism project.
  • MA Journalism & New Media, Bournemouth University.  Explore the ways in which new media forms and practices are facilitating a transformational shift in news and journalism. Of particular interest is theimpact the internet is having on the news industry.
  • MA Multi-Media Journalism, Bournemouth University. With their full multi-skilling, graduates of this course can cover any news or feature story for the web, for television, and for radio. They can easily take a story from one medium and transfer it into another – television to radio – radio to online text.
  • Master of Internal Communication Management, University of Central Lancashire. There are many types of internal communication from informal chat and office gossip, to formal internal corporate communication to all employees from senior management.
  • Master of International Applied Communication, University of Central Lancashire. It has been designed to cater for the growing demand for independent thinking communication managers who can assist organisations in responding to a fast changing, international environment.
  • Master of Applied Communication, Coventry University. Looks in particular at practices and policies in PR, journalism, public, corporate and political communication and new media technologies.
  • Master of Strategic Communication, University of Central Lancashire. Subjects include principles of strategic communication, technology and communication, rhetoric, internal communication, communication management, and research methods followed by a dissertation.
  • Master of Global Media and Communications, Coventry University. Explores through current research and scholarship, the globalisation of the communication and media industries, media ownership and concentration, international agencies, the new communication order, and ethical/rights issues in global media.
  • MA Multimedia Journalism, Southampton Solent University. This course is taught and assessed using a vast variety of methods that mirror industry practice.
  • Master of Broadcast Journalism (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. Students learn in a newsroom environment, producing interviews, stories and packages for radio and television and online. They also gain a thorough understanding of media law and public administration.
  • Master of Automotive Journalism, Coventry University. Develop the skills required to become a successful journalist, together with an understanding of journalism theory and essential law and ethics.
  • Master of International Journalism (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. Learn journalism skills through producing news in realistic exercises and assignments & study journalism through research and analysis of news production in a range of international and national settings.
  • Master of Journalism (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. A flexible modular programme allowing students to design an MA to their own interests. Awareness of the journalist's role in a changing media landscape enabling them to respond to the challenges and opportunities this entails.
  • Master of Global Journalism, Coventry University. Tackles all the essential areas of journalism, from the legal issues to interviewing, practical writing and broadcast and web skills.
  • MA/PGDip Journalism Practice, University of Central Lancashire. Accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists and prepares students for the NCTJ's multi-media diploma.
  • Master of Newspaper Journalism, University of Central Lancashire. This vocational and theory based course, accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) is aimed at students who wish to pursue a career in British newspaper journalism.
  • Master of Journalism Studies (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. It will introduce you to key authors, texts, as well as critical and theoretical debates that shape our understanding of the news media in the UK and worldwide. A stepping stone to further research and or doctoral studies.
  • MA/PGDip/PGCert Journalism Leadership, University of Central Lancashire. In cooperation with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), this innovative course aims to foster editorial team leaders who seek to enable creativity, value diversity and share responsibility with their organisations.
  • MA/PGDip Magazine Journalism, University of Central Lancashire. Aimed at students seeking to pursue a career in the British magazine industry, both periodicals and supplements.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism (9 months), University of Central Lancashire. Accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council, the course is designed to prepare students for working in the broadcast industry, so the emphasis is on learning by doing.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Newspaper Journalism (9 months), University of Central Lancashire. You will learn the basics of journalism, from reporting and feature writing to layout and design. There is a strong digital element too.

Media Production

  • MA Sound Production for Film & Television, Bournemouth University.  Work in tailor-made facilities includign post production sound suites and recording studio to develop Sound Production and Theory, Narrative Constructions; Cross-Platform Practice, Master’s Production Project; Extended Sound Project.
  • MA Post Production Editing, Bournemouth University. Skilful editing is at the core of successful film and television produciton.  The course builds towards a final production project, your calling card for the industry.
  • MA Producing Film & Television, Bournemouth University.  You will learn to develop your ideas as viable projects and sell them in a highly competitive marketplace. Areas: developing and selling ideas, narrative constructions, production management, cross-platform practice, master’s production project.
  • MA Radio Production, Bournemouth University. This course will place you at the leading eduge of an evolving industry.
  • MSc Digital Music and Audio Production, Bournemouth University. Prepare for employment in sectors such as internet distribution, music production and post-production, software engineering for music, composition for new media and related disciplines.


Careers: Travel photography, Photojournalism, Documentary photography, Documentary research, Editorial work, Photographic exhibition, Academic research.

  • Master of Travel Photography, University of Central Lancashire. Introduces students to applied theoretical practices, critical issues and a range of methods relevant to travel photography.
  • MA/PGDip/PGCert Photography, University of Central Lancashire. First class facilities and is designed for those wishing to pursue a career in: photojournalism, documentary photography, editorial photography or fine art.
  • Master of Photography, Southampton Solent University. Further explore the art of photography and visual communication, inspiring and supporting you to create innovative, highly original solutions to professional industry commissions.


  • MA Scriptwriting, Bournemouth University.  The first course in the UK to explore scriptwriting for film, television, radio, the web and other forms of new media.
  • Master of Scriptwriting, a University of Central Lancashire. An in-depth knowledge of writing for radio, television, film and stage with emphasis on current industry practice and employability, equipping students with the most appropriate practice skills.
  • Master of Media Writing, Southampton Solent University. A highly popular speaker series - tailor-made specifically for postgraduate students. All this, combined with a newly updated digital studio, means you'll have a first-rate environment for research and experimentation.
  • Master of Writing for Screen & Stage (2 years), Regent´s College London. Designed to develop the writing skills essential for the screen industry and the theatre. In addition the program will contain an optional London-based screen industry or theatre placement, according to the student's preference.

Sports Journalism.

  • MA Sports Broadcasting, Southampton Solent University. Become industry-aware, able to critically analyse the sporting media, understand the way it operates and to actively participate in it.

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