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  • Master Degree 1 year.
  • You can work.
  • Tuition 1 year: £6,000 to £8,500 EU students for most courses.
  • Start dates September.

Forensic Anthropology

  • MSc Biological Anthropology, Bournemouth University. Graduates prepare to work in disaster response, human identification, forensic anthropology and professional archaeology. You will have the unique skill set of being able to identify and analyse both human and animal bone collections as well as being able to underand the context of such assemblages.
  • Master of Forensic Anthropology (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. Intensive training in developmental anatomy and osteology, forensic anthropology methods and theory, forensic taphonomy in theory and practice, crime scene investigation and the law, research methods and expert witness and presentation skills.

Forensic Archaeology

  • MSc Forensic Archaeology, Bournemouth University. 1 year full-time; 2 years part-time. Use of archaeological principales and techniques for the location, recovery and interpretatin of evidence for events within the constraints of the criminal justice system.
  • MSc Forensic Osteology, Bournemouth University. 1 year full-time; 2 years part-time. Course concerned with the application of biological anthropological techniques to the analysis of human skeletal remains within a legal context and provides a vital suite of expertise and skills that can be applied to answer both modern and archaeological questions. Study with experts from a broad variety of forensic fields in excellent lab facilities, in two of the country’s largest and best equipped human osteology labs. Good balance between lecture based teaching and practical lab-based learning as well as a good range of forensic simulation exercises. 

Forensic Computing

  • Master of Forensic Computing (1 year), Canterbury Christ Church University. Brings together every important aspect of digital forensic examination to support criminal investigation involving digital evidence.
  • Master of Science in Cybercrime Forensics (3 years), Canterbury Christ Church University. Students face challenges of both understanding complex ICT technologies and the principles and practices of criminal investigation.
  • Master of Forensic Computing (1 year), Coventry University. Essential hardware and software systems, formats, protocols and standards. There is coverage of essential legislation relating to all aspects of computer-based information.

Forensic & Genetics

Careers in forensic science or animal/wildlife/veterinary laboratories, DNA analysts, Forensic genetics, Medical molecular biology.

  • Master of Forensic and Conservation Genetics (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. Designed for graduate students interested in developing skills in using genetics for wildlife conservation and animal/wildlife forensic investigations.
  • Master of DNA Profiling (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. Designed for both graduate students and forensic practitioners. It will develop theoretical knowledge and practical application of the key aspects of forensic DNA profiling.

Forensic & Legal Medicine

  • Master of Forensic and Legal Medicine (2 years), University of Central Lancashire. Designed to be a preparatory course for Membership of the Faculty (MFFLM). Suitable for Forensic Physicians, Sexual Assault Examiners, Psychiatrists and Paediatricians, it will also be suitable for Forensic Nurses, Lawyers and Forensic Scientists.
  • Master of Forensic Medicine and Bioethics (3 years), University of Central Lancashire. Postgraduate level requires 2 years of study. Comprehensive, and forensically specific training in the assessment of evidence and research methodologies. It develops an understanding of the relationship between ideas and concepts in medical ethics and law.

Forensic Psychology

  • Master of Forensic Psychology (1 year), Coventry University. Grounding in the theory, themes, issues and practical skills central to psychological research into behaviour relevant to crime and forensic settings. The programme is accredited by the British Psychological Society (UK).
  • Master of Forensic Psychology and Crime (3 years), Coventry University. You will apply the science of psychology in a legal or investigative setting, giving them a very different role from their clinical counterparts.

Forensic Toxicology

Careers in forensic toxicology, toxicology and other areas of chemical analysis.

  • Master of Forensic Toxicology (1 year), University of Central Lancashire. Combine aspects of analytical chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology that are crucial to the role of the drugs chemist working within a toxicological environment.


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