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  • Tuition NZ$ 23,500 to 29,000/year for international students.
  • Part-time work on your Student Visa.
  • Master Degree 1 to 2 years.
  • Postgraduate Diploma 1 year.

Forensic Computing

Careers: Computer forensic and security specialist, Corporate and business IT forensic and security personnel, Information system auditor, Members of computer emergency response teams.

  • Master of Forensic Information Technology (2 years), Auckland University of Technology. Covers the critical aspects of forensic information technology: seizing and securing IT equipment used for criminal activity; interpreting and analysing the content of hard disks and other electronic media.

Forensic Psychology

  • Master of Forensic Psychology, Victoria University. Benefit from the strong links to the Innocence Project NZ, the School of Criminology and the Faculty of Law. You will be able to design, conduct, present and publish research in your specific area of Forensic Psychology.

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