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  • Master Degree. 1 or 2 years.
  • Graduate Diploma. 2 or 3 semesters.
  • Graduate Certificate. 1 semester.
  • Tuition 9,500 Australian dollars/semester to 26,000 Australian dollars/year.
  • Work part-time while you study.
  • Great job opportunities after graduation!


  • Master of Biological Anthropology, Australian National University (ANU). With a grounding in the main sub-fields of biological anthropology, and optionally to proceed from that to a short supervised research thesis in the field.
  • Graduate Certificate in Biological Anthropology, Australian National University (ANU). Designed for students who have developed an interest in the subject, but who may have relatively little prior formal background in it.

Culture, Health and Medicine

  • Master of Culture, Health and Medicine, Australian National University (ANU). An interdisciplinary program with a focus on Medical Anthropology and Health Sciences. Five specializations available: Global Health and Development, Health Policy and Ethics, Health and Gender, Health and Environment and Health and Indigenous Australia. Research program.


  • Graduate Diploma of Dentistry (2 years), Griffith University. Builds upon knowledge acquired in the Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science program. This program involves continuous development of the theoretical knowledge underpinning dental practice followed by extensive clinical experience with patients in the Griffith Dental Clinic.


  • Master of Health Practice (1 year), Griffith University. Allows the opportunity for one postgraduate program to incorporate a number of specialty strands: Community and Primary Health Care, General strand, Gerontology, Health Care Research, Infection Prevention and Control & Sexual Health.
  • Master of Health Sciences (2 years), La Trobe University. It offers opportunities to learn more about a variety of specialities in the health field, to strengthen analytical skills and to consider furthering knowledge through research.
  • Master of Health Science, University of Western Sydney. For professionals working in area health services, hospitals, aged care sector and community organisations. It enables you to effectively respond to emerging health planning and management issues of critical importance in Australia.
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Science, University of Western Sydney. Allows you the opportunity to select a specialty from nine options, offered on the basis of industry demand.
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Science, University of Western Sydney. Designed for professionals working in a variety of settings, including area health services, hospitals, the aged care sector and community organisations, to enable them to effectively assess and respond to emerging health planning and management issues.

Health Economics

  • Master of Health Economics, Australian National University (ANU). Develop postgraduate skills in economics while specialising in the application of economics to problems in health and health care.

Human Services

Careers: in a diverse range of human service fields.

  • Master of Human Service (1 year), Griffith University. Offers the following majors: Childhood Studies, Disability Studies, Orientation and Mobility, Rehabilitation Counselling & Non-specialised program.

Nursing & Midwifery

Careers: Registered Nurse in acute care, armed forces, community, rural, mental health, Indigenous health, aged care and industry settings, Mental Health Nurse.

  • Master of Nursing (1 year), Griffith University. Develop nursing competence, skills and knowledge in assessment, planning, implementation, diagnosis and evaluation of care from a specialist capacity. Strands available: Acute Care Nursing & Critical Care Nursing.
  • Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing, Griffith University. Allows registered nurses to develop and extend the necessary knowledge and skills to become specialist advanced practitioners in critical care nursing.
  • Master of Nursing Science (2 years), James Cook University (JCU). The is to enable registered nurses to design and conduct research, and to communicate research findings.
  • Master of Midwifery (1 year), Griffith University. Prepares registered nurses for endorsement and professional practice as midwives. Graduates will be eligible to apply for endorsement with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Nursing (Mental Health) (1 year), Edith Cowan University (ECU). Develop the clinical competencies required to deliver mental health nursing care, and gain eligibility to register with the Nurses and Midwives Board of Western Australia on Division 1 of the Register as a Registered Mental Health Nurse.
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Nursing, James Cook University (JCU). Developed in response to the demand from Registered Nurses who are seeking to build upon postgraduate certificate qualifications, and an exit point for students wishing to graduate with a higher qualification prior to Masters studies.


  • Master of Nutrition and Dietetics (2 years), Griffith University. Prepares students at the appropriate tertiary level to meet Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) national competency standards for entry into the profession as a dietitian.
  • Graduate Diploma of Nutrition, Griffith University. Nutritional requirements; the nature and composition of foods and food groups; nutritional assessment; and social, cultural and economic aspects of nutrition relevant to local, national and international settings.


  • Master of Neuroscience, Australian National University (ANU). Advanced knowledge of neuroscience, and will support students who wish to move into a neuroscience field from related areas of science and psychology but do not have a significant neuroscience background. Research is a two-year program and consists of one year coursework plus a year of research.
  • Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience, Australian National University (ANU). May be of value to people in interdisciplinary fields such as neuromorphic engineering, computational neuroscience or neuroinformatics who wish to gain an understanding of neurobiology.


Careers: in Community pharmacy, Hospital pharmacy, Research and development, Pharmaceutical industry, Consultancy, Education.

  • Master of Pharmacy (1.5 years), Griffith University. Builds on the strong pharmaceutical science foundation achieved in the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science and integrates further advanced studies in pharmaceutical science, professional and clinical pharmacy practice and pharmacy research.
  • Master of Pharmacy, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). A focused, professional postgraduate degree leading to eligibility for registration as a pharmacist.


Careers: Psychologists, in general graduate positions, and as Psychological scientists (often in applied research settings).

  • Master of Clinical Psychology (2 years), Australian National University (ANU). Prepares clinical psychologists to practise in a range of clinical settings such as hospitals, community health centres and private practice.
  • Master of Clinical Psychology, Griffith University. Designed to be consistent with the requirements for associate membership of the Australian Psychological Society's College of Clinical Psychologists, which is the benchmark for professional clinical psychology practice in Australia.
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychological Studies, Australian National University (ANU). Applicants must have completed a degree program within the last 10 years that also includes a full 1st year psychology course. Employment of ANU graduates of our postgraduate program in clinical psychology approaches 100% in the field of clinical psychology.


Careers: in hospitals, private practices, community health initiatives, schools, sporting teams and the armed forces.

  • Master of Physiotherapy, Griffith University. Builds on existing knowledge of exercise science, facilitates the development of clinical science and physiotherapy knowledge and skills, and stimulates integration of these areas.
  • Master of Physiotherapy (2 years), University of Western Sydney. Designed for graduates of health science and related disciplines seeking to enter the physiotherapy profession. Evidence-based practice is a strong feature of the program.

Public Health

Careers: Environmental health management, Epidemiology and biostatistics, Health policy, Health program planning and evaluation, Health promotion, Public health nutrition.

  • Master of Public Health (1 year), Australian National University (ANU). Designed for health professionals seeking a qualification to equip them for management, graduates seeking a qualification to equip them for public health practice and health administrators and policy workers seeking a qualification to assist their promotion.
  • Master of Public Health (Research) (2 years), Australian National University (ANU). Will equip students with the foundations of public health practice, provide them with an understanding of contemporary public health issues relevant to Australia and teach them practical techniques for analysing public health problems.
  • Master of Public Health (1.5 years), Griffith University. Re-orientate your work in health to disease prevention and health promotion and is widely recognised both nationally and internationally as the public health credential for careers in public health.
  • Master of Public Health (2 years), Edith Cowan University (ECU).Recognised nationally and internationally as the appropriate qualification for health professionals seeking to work in the public health domain.
  • Master of Public Health, James Cook University. Enables health professionals to gain postgraduate qualifications in the public health sector. Majors available: Generic, Aeromedical retrieval, Biosecurity and disaster preparedness, Communicable disease control, and Health promotion.
  • Master of Public Health (2 years), La Trobe University. An internationally recognised professional qualification in public health enabling graduates to work all over the world in a variety of health settings. Designed for professionals, currently working in health settings, who are seeking to expand their career pathways into senior roles.
  • Graduate Diploma of Public Health, Edith Cowan University. This course provides students with an opportunity to develop skills in six areas of specialization: Public Health Methods, Environmental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Primary Health Care, Health Promotion, Health and Aged Care Management.
  • Master of Public Health, University of Western Sydney. The UWS Master of Public Health undertakes a comprehensive assessment of all determinants of health, including broader social and environmental factors in addition to physical risk factors.
  • Graduate Diploma of Public Health, University of Western Sydney. Provides graduates with the ability to determine the nature of community health problems and the skills to initiate steps in defining and alleviating them by bringing together the various services available.
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Health (6 months), Griffith University. Focus on the socio-ecological model of public health that emphasises and analyses the important interactions between the social, biological, economic and environmental determinants of health.

Sexual Health

Careers: Community health officer , Public health manager and policy officer, Sexual and reproductive health nurse/health practitioner.

  • Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health, Griffith University. Designed for a multidisciplinary cohort of students including nursing, medical and allied health personnel, it is also structured to address the core competencies required for nurses to practise clinically in this specialty area via the specialty course, Sexual Health Practice.

Sport & Exercise

Careers: in Return-to-work assessment, Functional work testing and job capacity assessment, Chronic disease management, Training, Exercise prescription, Weight loss management, Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, High-performance coach.

  • Master of Sports and Exercise Medicine (1 year), Griffith University. Advanced clinical training for medical and allied health specialisations, while at the same time, recognising the evolving, multidisciplinary nature of injury prevention and health in sport and exercise.
  • Graduate Diploma of Exercise Science (1 year), Griffith University. Combines advanced exercise science coursework with clinical placement in the area of exercise physiology to produce graduates suitable for employment in a range of clinical settings. This program is structured to meet the accreditation criteria by the Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA).
  • Master of Sports Coaching, Griffith University. Designed to give practising and aspiring coaches the opportunity to enhance their development in the area of high performance coaching.
  • Graduate Diploma of Athletic Performance (1 year), Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE). Less 'science focused' than traditional sports science courses, the diploma offers a balance of practical and professional perspectives.
  • Graduate Diploma in Sports Administration Performance (1 year), Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE). The strength lies in human resource management, marketing, media relations, event management, and risk management.

Zoology, Veterinary Science

  • Master of Tropical Veterinary Science (1.5 years), James Cook University (JCU). Available to veterinary science graduates who wish to further their training. Areas of study: animal nutrition; animal production and biotechnology; animal reproductive physiology; applied pathology; immunology.

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