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  • Master Degree 1 year
  • Tuition EU/UK 4,860 to £9,000/year.
  • Tuition International £9,660 to £12,000/year.


  • LLM International Commercial Law, Bournemouth University. 12-15 months full-time. International Economic Law, Corporate Law, Theory and Practice, Dispute Resolution, Law of International Trade, International Intellectual Law, Intellectual Property Rights, International Taxation, Research Project/LLM Dissertation.
  • LLM Intellectual Property, Bournemouth University. 12-15 months full-time. Corporate Law, International Economic Law, Dispute Resolution, Copyright and Trade Marks, Patents and Designs, International Intellectual Property.
  • Legal Practice Course, Bournemouth University. 6 months full-time; 1 year part-time. Property Law and Practice, Litigation, Business Law and Practice, Accounts and Regulation, Legal Sakills, Estate Managementand Taxation. Enter your training contract with confidence.
  • LLM Master Degree in Law, University of Central Lancashire, 1 year. Available to students from both a legal and non-legal background. Emphasis on flexibility. Students have diverse backgrounds, needs and aspirations and this course allows them to design a programme of study to meet those needs.
  • LLM Master Degree in Law, Coventry University, 1 year. This course allows you take a postgraduate certificate, a postgraduate diploma or LLM by choosing from a range of law modules selected in consultation with the course leader.
  • Legal Practice Course, Coventry University, 1 year. Second stage of the career path to becoming a solicitor for those who have obtained a qualifying law degree. Introduces students to the skills of legal practice which are developed during the two year training period in a solicitor's office before qualification.
  • LLM Master Degree in Law, Southampton Solent University, 1 year. Well-established course. Advanced study of the law in a contexts that follow three themes: international law, intellectual property and criminal justice.
  • LLM International Human Rights Law, University of Essex. 1 year. First university to offer this programme in Europe. Available to students from both a legal and non-legal background. Rigorous academic training that prepares graduates for work in the public and NGO sectors.
  • LLM European Union Law, University of Essex, 1 year Masters degree. You will develop critical, analytical and research skills, ensuring you are capable of working in the field of EU law as a lawyer, regulator, legal adviser or researcher with government or international and business organisations (including the EU administration), and as an academic.
  • Postgraduate Diploma Internat Law, University of Essex. 9 months. This Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, Media and E-Commerce identifies and addresses issues around the development of digital technology and the convergence of communications media which has raised legal problems about access to and use of telecommunications networks, the Internet and broadcast media.

Law and Business

  • LLM Master Degree in International Business Law, University of Central Lancashire, 1 year. Available to students from both a legal and non-legal background. Students are typically law graduates, business graduates, legal professionals and people working in commercial fields.
  • LLM International Trade Law, University of Essex. 1 year. Specialist course in business and commercial law that enables you to analyse cutting-edge and topical issues, while improving your knowledge and writing skills.

Counter Terrorism

  • MSc Counter Terrorism, University of Central Lancashire, 1 year. Subject to validation. exciting new programme of interest to both graduates and policing/security professionals wishing to update their knowledge.


  • MSc Criminology and Criminal Investigation, University of Central Lancashire, 1 year. Knowledge and practical skills to operate as a crime investigator and manager in serious and complex cases, develop critical and analytical skills involving the principles, practices and techniques of crime investigation, develop competence in research methods and the presentation of information, develop skills in solving problems independently and as a team member commensurate with level 7. 
  • MA Criminology and Criminal Justice, Canterbury Christ Church University, 1 year. Combine the study of contemporary issues in the criminal justice system with theoretical approaches to the study of crime.

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