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  • Master Degree 1 year.
  • Tuition International NZ$ 23,000 year approx.
  • Work while you study.


  • LLM Master of Laws, Victoria University of Wellington, 1 year. The LLM may be completed by coursework, dissertation & coursework, or by thesis, but in each case original student research is an essential element.
  • Graduate Certificate in Law, Victoria University of Wellington, is a highly flexible programme that offers students an opportunity to study at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • Master of Laws, Waitato University, 1 year. Flexible programme structure to suit the objective of those who seek to upgrade their skills and knowledge through specialist taught papers, those who wish to combine taught papers with a significant piece of independent research or those students who wish to engage is research only.
  • Master of Philosophy, Auckland University of Technology, 1 year. One-year research only Masters degree providing an opportunity to undertake a research topic of an applied or professional nature under the supervision of Law School staff. Alternatively, the MPhil can provide a pathway to more advanced research at doctoral level.
  • Master of Laws (LLM), University of Otago, 1 year. It entails the completion of a thesis and there is no requirement for coursework. The aim is to develop in a candidate the skills needed to understand recent developments in the Law.

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