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  • Master 1 or 2 years
  • Diploma 1 year
  • Certificate 6 months
  • Work while you study
  • Stay to work when you graduate
  • Tuition from AUD$ 9,500/semester to AUD$ 26,000 /year.

Music Business and Management.

Careers in Managerial positions inside creative industries.

  • Master of Creative Enterprise (Specialisation), Central Queensland University. There is a growing demand for careers in creative enterprises, especially for those who are equipped with critical thinking and creative abilities.
  • Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration, Central Queensland University. Designed to prepare you for managerial positions in the arts and associated industries. Students must complete core courses in critical thinking in creative industries, creative arts portfolio and presentation skills in creative industries.
  • Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries, Central Queensland University. Aimed primarily at creative and performing arts practitioners and others in creative arts industries wishing to extend their capacity to operate professionally in the creative industries in professional and creative roles.

Music Studies and Practice.

Careers. Musician, Performer, Artist, Advertising, Arts administration, Composing, Conducting, Music production, Music services, Orchestrating.

  • Master of Music Studies (1,5 years), Griffith University. All students have the opportunity to present their work to the public, whether in recitals, print or electronic media.
  • Master of Music (Research) (2 years), James Cook University. Students are encouraged to critically examine research strategies applicable to music or sound and are introduced to flexible delivery formats that allow for audio visual presentation, performance, discussion and other practical activities.
  • Master of Music (1 year), The Australian National University. For students wishing to develop existing skills and knowledge to an advanced level or to develop new areas of expertise in music relevant to the specific needs of the music profession or industry.
  • Doctor of Musical Arts (2 years), Griffith University. Provides musicians with extensive experience with the opportunity to upgrade their skills and qualifications through research based on their practice. Specializations in Composition, Performance, Teaching and Learning or Technology.
  • Research Higher Degree Qualifying Program (1 year), Griffith University. An alternative route for entry into a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) program for applicants who do not possess the required qualifications for admission.
  • Graduate Diploma of Music (1 year), Edith Cowan University. Designed for students wishing to explore practical music studies at the highest level. Specialisations are offered in classical performance, jazz performance, screen composition and music technology.
  • Graduate Diploma in Music Studies, Griffith University. These programs offer flexibility to choose from a wide variety of possible course combinations to tailor studies to individual needs.
  • Graduate Diploma in Music (1 year), The Australian National University. Designed for students wishing to pursue more advanced musical studies, or who wish to develop skills and knowledge in a related area of music study or to qualify for admission to a higher degree.
  • Graduate Certificate in Music Studies (6 months), Griffith University. This program provides superior-level skills across the spectrum of possible musical professions.
  • Graduate Certificate in Music Performance, The Australian National University. A program in performance for musicians who have already achieved a competent level of technical and musical skills and wish to further develop their performance expertise.

Music Technology.

Careers in Recording studios, Multimedia design companies, Arts organisations, Sound reinforcement and touring companies, Music education organizations.

  • Graduate Certificate in Music Technology, Griffith University. Designed for musicians, music technologists, multimedia authors and music educators who wish to enhance their professional development in those disciplines that rely upon sound recording and production.
  • Graduate Diploma of Music Technology, Griffith University. For music professionals wishing to develop their skills.


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