science denmark
  • Master Degree. 1 or 2 years
  • Start dates September
  • Tuition €0/year EU students
  • Tuition 65,000- 71,000 DKK international students


Careers: Research, Development, Management and production in biotechnological and medical industries, in the Food industry, Teaching and education, in Biotechnological and Bioenergy industry, Consulting engineering companies.

  • Master in Biotechnology, Aalborg University. You will work with biological molecules, gene technologies, and microbial and cell cultures. In the courses, you will learn about cell biology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, protein chemistry and more.
  • Master in Sustainable Biotechnology, Aalborg University. The path from fossil fuels to sustainability. Structured to ensure a clear technical and scientific progression and to offer the opportunity to focus on either molecular biological biotechnology or process oriented sustainable biotechnology through the choice of courses and projects.


Careers: Development of new materials for medical equipment, Optimisation of production of enzymes, Production of drinking water, Biogas production, Plastics and polymer chemistry, Waste treatment, Analytical chemistry.

  • Master in Chemical Engineering, Aalborg University. Combine your creative and technical skills in a programme with focus on research and development as well as planning and implementation of operation and maintenance tasks within chemical and chemically related production.
  • Master in Chemistry, Aalborg University. You will learn Chemistry by solving real life problems within small teams of fellows. This will give you a unique training in problem solving and improve your collaborative skills.


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