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  • Master Degree 1 to 1.5 years
  • Specialize after graduation from a Science degree
  • Tuition £6,000 to 8,500/year EU students for most courses (exception MBA)
  • Start dates September; some start dates January


  • MSc Archaeological Practice, Bournemouth University. 1 year full-time; 2 years part-time. Designed to build your problem-solving, team working and management skills to prepare for the very competitive employment market; prepare to manage and supervise archeological fieldwork. Supported by one of the best combined field and lab resources of any UK University.
  • MSc Osteoarchaeology, Bournemouth University. 1 year full-time; 2 years part-time. This course provides practical skills in the identification and analysis of both human and animal bones, using dedicated laboratories and teaching collections.
  • MSc Maritime Archeology, Bournemouth University. 1 year full-time; 2 years part-time. This course focuses on the principles of maritime archaeology of all periods within the broader international context and is delivered with the collaboration of renowned professionals from different parts of the world. Learn with a combination of cutting-edge technology, research and analytical laboratories and diving operations.
  • MCS Applied Sciences by Research, Bournemouth University. Broaden your skills in a range of science specialisms, tailor your study to specific requirements and produce a final piece of work that is publishable. 

Biology & Microbiology

  • MSc Cancer Biology and Therapy, University of Central Lancashire. Specialist theoretical and practical knowledge of basic molecular, genetic and biological processes associated with cancer together with an emphasis on the advances in pathology, diagnosis and therapy.
  • MSc Tropical Marine Biology, University of Essex. This new course is designed to deliver advanced tropical marine biology theory and to facilitate the development of practical and professional skills required by today’s employers.


Careers: Clinical academics, Researcher in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.


Careers: in Pharmaceutical industry, Management professionals in the Biotechnology industry.Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Griffith University. You will gain an understanding of health and the methods for diagnosis and treatment of disease by studying the fundamental biosciences.

  • MSc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, University of Central Lancashire. Biomedical Ethics, Biomolecular Technology, Immunoassay, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Clinical Analysis, Analytical principles and methods, Clinical Chemistry, Medical Microbiology, Point of Care Technology, Research Methods for Clinical Science.
  • MBA Biotechnology Management, Coventry University. Designed for bioscience or biological chemistry graduates who wish to enhance their skills in the business world of biotechnology.
  • MSc Biotechnology, Coventry University. This course is intended for life science graduates who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in biosciences with an emphasis on biotechnology.
  • MSc Biotechnology, University of Essex. This Masters programme provides basic and advanced knowledge, plus hands-on experience, in modern biotechnology and practical insights into current commercial applications. It creates access to a broad range of career opportunities in this rapidly growing key technology of the twenty-first century


  • MChem Chemistry (4 years), University of Central Lancashire. The MChem has become the established mainstream route to becoming a professional chemist in the UK.
  • MSc Synthetic Organic Chemistry, University of Central Lancashire. Aadvanced concepts in organic synthesis and spectroscopic analysis with industrial applications but does not focus students on one particular application of organic chemistry.
  • MSc Medicinal Chemistry, University of Central Lancashire. With particular emphasis on medicinal and synthetic chemistry. Designed for students wishing to pursue either a career in the pharmaceutical industry or an allied discipline.

Molecular Medicine

  • MSc Molecular Medicine University of Essex. Molecular medicine is a new and rapidly evolving discipline, which uses the modern life sciences and their methods to study the molecular basis of disease and the use of therapeutic influences to correct pathological alterations.


Careers: in the Nuclear industry.

  • MSc Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards, University of Central Lancashire. Developed directly in line with recent Government plans for higher education institutions to work closely with niche industries; developing customised programmes and building relationships with employers.
  • PGCert Governance of the Civil UK Nuclear Industry, University of Central Lancashire. You will have an in-depth understanding of policy, public and political issues confronting the civil nuclear industry and the context within which the civil nuclear industry operates.

Oil & Gas

Careers: in National and multinational energy companies, Consultancies, Energy ministries, Investment banks, International agencies.

  • MSc Oil and Gas Management, Coventry University. Ideal for those interested in a career (or already working) in the energy and hydrocarbon industry.


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