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  • Master Degree 12 months
  • Postgraduate Diploma 9 months
  • Funding possibilities
  • September start dates (some courses January)

Biology & Microbiology

  • MSc/ PgDip Cell and Molecular Systems Biology, University of Aberdeen. It will teach you how our current understanding of cell and molecular biology is being enhanced through the development of predictive computer models of living systems.
  • MSc/ PgDip Medical Molecular Microbiology, University of Aberdeen. Designed to provide the initial training in research methodology that can be utilized to investigate the physiology, biochemistry and epidemiology of bacterial and fungal pathogens.


  • MSc in Analytical Chemistry for Environmental Life Sciences, University of Aberdeen. Focuses on specialisation in advanced modern analytical methodology to face challenges in environmental, pharmaceutical, oil & gas industry and other related industry in R&D.
  • MSc Oil & Gas Chemistry, University of Aberdeen. Aimed to provide students with insights into the chemistry behind the selection of materials and processes implemented across the oil & gas sector.



  • MSc Integrated Petroleum Geoscience, University of Aberdeen. It has been running since 1973, and has achieved an excellent reputation as one of the top vocational training pathways. Topics covered include: seismic interpretation, petrophysical analysis, geochemical evaluation, sedimentology, structural analysis, and reservoir modelling.

Soil Science

  • MSc/ MRes/ PgDip Soil Science, University of Aberdeen. Offers an exciting range of specialisms, including cutting-edge biotechnology, environmental analysis and modelling opportunities.

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