How we learn between the years of 10 and 17 plays an essential role in shaping the person we become as an adult; the right high school environment will provide contemporary education and foster values which will guide us throughout our lives, helping achieve the highest individual potential.

High School is more than academics; experience in another country complements home education, broadens horizons, develops communication, culture, and understanding. It prepares for "world citizenship" in the broadest sense.

We work with schools that have proved their capacity to provide a safe, caring environment.

While some schools require an academic year or two years, it is possible to complete shorter stays such as 10 weeks or a term. Overviews in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and Switzerland will help you gain the preliminary information you need.

Our service includes, but is not limited to, the following steps; each student is different and we adapt to suit your needs.

    1. Exploratory meeting with parents in which we discuss objectives, academic profile, strengths, language level, schools, requisites, fees, expectations, procedures, guardianship and how we can help.
    2. We resolve queries presented during our meeting and present you with a series of schools which match the required components, if possible.
    3. We like to meet personally with the student before starting the process.
    4. Second meeting with parents in order to define school, procedure and planning. We may propose you define one or more schools.
    5. Our help covers the application process and the period of studies. Typically, the application process entails contacts with school on your behalf, forms and supporting documents (procedure for the delivery of school reports, bank statements, evaluation of requisites such as entrance test percentiles, personal statement, reference letters), guardianship, campus visits and help with admission.
    6. We establish an Action Plan for joint review based on the above covering application, admission, accommodation, visa and arrival.
    7. From there we proceed as agreed.
    8. The school may request a skype interview with the student. If so, we can help you prepare.
    9. Prior to departure we meet for a documented Briefing and cover every aspect relevant to the coming months.

    We are available for consultation or support at any time during the application, the studies or upon return.

    Our fees: We have established a fee of 650€ + IVA for our full service including counseling, assistance throughout the application process and pre-departure arrangements, and full support while the student is abroad.

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