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  • Bachelor Degree 4 years.
  • Bachelor Degree final year.
  • Tuition EU/EEA €1906/year.
  • Tuition international €6000/year.
  • Enjoy study in Holland!
  • Check Worldwide for destination info.
  • Check below for content and requisites.

Art and Technology.

Because of the speed with which technology is developing, it is a fact of life that technology is ever-present in our society. As a result of this, information is there for the taking or is even imposed. Because of designers’ boundless creativity, communication means are now literally and figuratively unlimited. The Art and Technology programme covers a wide range of subjects and enables you to acquire both a management post that involves leading a multi-media team of specialists and to work as a producer yourself.

Careers. Many job opportunities in various disciplines - in multimedia or internet companies, advertising, audio-video Communication and IT companies.


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