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  • College Diploma 2 years.
  • College Certificate 1 year.
  • Apprenticeships.
  • After six months of full-time study, you are eligible to work part-time for the duration of your studies.

Cookery & Kitchen Operations.

Careers: Basic cook, Chef. Food operations management, Commis de cuisine, Chefs de parti, Sous-chefs, Chefs de cuisine, Executive chef.

  • Culinary Arts Certificate (16 months), Thompson Rivers University. Includes 13 months of hands-on, training at Thompson Rivers University, There is a four-month summer break (May to August) during which you have an opportunity to gain formalized work experience.
  • Assistant Cook-Basic- APPRENTICESHIP & Cook Advanced Apprenticeship, St Lawrence College. Open only to employees who are currently working in the industry, have been sponsored by their employer as a registered cook apprentice and who are working towards obtaining their Provincial Certificate of Qualification.
  • Culinary Skills - Chef Training Certificate (1 year), St Lawrence College. You will learn entry level aspects of food production through demonstrations by culinary professionals, followed by hands-on practice. Additional study on basic nutrition, kitchen management and fundamental food and labour controls.
  • Hospitality Operations - Kitchen Management Certificate (1 year), Centennial College. You will learn a range of skill sets including hands-on experience in our on-campus, student training restaurant called Horizons. You will also master business practices in accounting, human resources and supervision.
  • Culinary Skills – Chef Training Certificate (1 year), Algonquin College. The program is divided into two levels and students receive a minimum of 23 hours of instruction per week. Students study food preparation, baking techniques, sanitation and safety procedures, nutrition, food theory and communications skills.
  • Cook Certificate (80 weeks), Algonquin College. Designed to train commercial cooks with an emphasis on both classical food preparation and basic business skills.
  • Cook Apprenticeship certificate (30 weeks), Algonquin College. You will complete two 15-week terms, while working part-time in the Food Service Industry. Once completed, you will receive 723 hours towards your 6000-hour requirement in order to write the Ministry of Training,


  • Baking- Commercial Bakeries Certificate (1 year), Centennial College. You will learn to produce commercial quantities of breads, rolls, sweet dough, savoury and sweet pastry, danish and puff pastry, cookies, cakes and desserts.
  • Baking & Pastry Arts Certificate (1 year), Algonquin College. Prepare yourself to become a baker or pastry chef in the food and beverage industry with practical, theoretical and hands-on training in baking, cake decorating, and bakery and pastry shop management.

Culinary Management.

  • Culinary Management Diploma (2 years), St Lawrence College. In addition to courses in Culinary Techniques, Vegetarian and International Cookery and Bakery Skills, Culinary Management students will study business communications, management practices, nutrition, menu planning and development and applied computer skills.
  • Hospitality Management – Restaurant and Catering (2 years), St Lawrence College. You will learn skills that are essential to Hospitality, including menu management and design, kitchen management, beverage knowledge and bartending. In addition, you will also spend two days per week in a placement at a restaurant or a hotel.
  • Culinary Management/Cook Co-op Diploma Apprenticeship (2 years), St Lawrence College. You will learn all aspects of food production and preparation through demonstrations by culinary professionals, followed by continuous hands-on practice.
  • Hospitality Management - Hotel & Restaurant (2 years), St Lawrence College. Facility design, wines and spirits, cost controls, sales and marketing, menu planning, catering and banqueting, projecting a professional image, and entrepreneurship are just some of the areas in which you will have the opportunity to develop your expertise.
  • Culinary Management- International (2 years), Centennial College. Brings an international perspective to traditional culinary management. Students will learn how to manage diversity in the workplace through exposure to the unique relationship between cuisine, culture, and religion.
  • Culinary Management Diploma (2 years), Algonquin College. designed to train commercial cooks with an emphasis on advanced culinary skills, managerial training and hands-on experience.

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