advertising ireland
  • Bachelor Degree 3 years
  • Diploma 26 weeks
  • September start date
  • Tuition €2,500 to €5,950 EU students living abroad
  • Tuition €9,000 non-EU students living abroad


Careers: Advertising, PR, sales management, market research, retailing, product design and development, branding , and much much more.

  • BA (Ord) in Marketing, Griffith College, 3 years. Develop marketing skills and gain an understanding of business. Flexible learning model for students to exit or progress to further higher education all in the safe environment of a college which focuses on excellence in education. Students who wish to exit after two years can do so with a level 6 award in Business.

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

  • Diploma in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, Galway Business Institute, 26 weeks + exam weeks. awarded by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), one of the world's largest professional awarding bodies. This programme gives you a very practical understanding of marketing communications, how public relations work, the key principals of advertising and an insight into buyer behaviour.

Sales Management and Marketing

  • Diploma in Sales Management and Marketing, Galway Business Institute, 26 weeks. You will develop further understanding of the marketing concept and how sales and marketing function within the business environment, and how they support and drive successful companies.
  • Certificate in Sales Management and Marketing, Galway Business Institute, 26 weeks. You will be qualified to positively contribute to the work of marketing, advertising or public relations departments in many businesses. You have options should you choose to progress onto further study. You now have two exemptions from year one of the BA in Business Management programme and two exemptions from a full FETAC level 5 certificate or one exemption from a full level 6 certificate.


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