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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years; Hons + 1 year.
  • Advanced Diploma 2 years.
  • Certificate 1 year.
  • Tuition semester: AU$ 5,650.
  • Tuition year: AU$ 26,000.
  • 2 years Work visa available after completion of a Bachelor degree.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology), La Trobe University. Aboriginal Australia, place and power, body and mind, symbols and society, kinship, childhood and youth, popular culture, visual anthropology, humans and animals, food and drink, health, development, and displacement.


  • Bachelor of Archaeological Practice, Australian National University (ANU). Students will undertake fieldwork and have the opportunity to participate in local or international internships during the course of their degree program.
  • Bachelor of Archaeology, La Trobe University. Provides a global perspective on human history, examining insights from the fossilised remains in Africa to the secrets given up by ancient ruins in Europe, Mesoamerica and Asia; ancient Indigenous culture and early settlements by Europeans in Australia.


Careers: Local and regional planning, Disaster planning, Population planning, Protected area management, Community planning, Housing policy, Economics and allocation, Teaching (with further study), Social and cultural planning.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Geography), James Cook University (JCU). You will learn the skills required to analyse ecological and environmental problems. You will also complete practical and project work, both alone and in groups, gathering and interpreting information in the field as well as from written sources.
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Geography and Urban Studies), University of Western Sydney. In this major you will examine the geography of contemporary Australian cities and regions.
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours (Geography), Edith Cowan University (ECU). For students who have demonstrated strong academic ability in their Bachelor degree. Consists of coursework and the preparation of a thesis. Disciplines offered include: English, Geography, History, Language Studies (French and Japanese), Politics & Government and Writing.


Careers: in Museums, Libraries, Personnel and management consultancy, Stock Exchange, the Public Service.

  • Bachelor of Classical Studies, Australian National University (ANU). Opportunity to study the classical world of Greece and Rome broadly. This program involves learning at least one of the classical languages. Students will also study ancient literature and culture, and ancient history.
  • Bachelor of Arts (History), La Trobe University. A wide range of subjects covering aspects of European, British, Latin American, African, Australian and Pacific history, as well as some subjects concentrating on the history of ideas, society, or culture rather than on particular regions or countries.
  • Bachelor of Arts (History), Edith Cowan University (ECU). The course structure enables students to combine Arts subjects with either another major from any university discipline or a series of electives. Students can major in the following Arts disciplines: History.

Languages, Interpretation and Translation

Careers: in Education and teaching, Translation and interpreting, Travel, tourism and hospitality, Publishing and journalism, Sales and marketing.

  • Bachelor of Languages, Australian National University (ANU). You will graduate with communicative proficiency and confidence in one or more languages from a wide range on offer. Construct a global schema of the connections between the languages studied and their geographical, social and cultural origins.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Applied Linguistics, Griffith University. You can specialise in one or more languages, from: Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish or International English. You'll learn linguistics and study the cultural context of your chosen language/s.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Languages), Edith Cowan University (ECU). The course structure enables students to combine Arts subjects with either another major from any university discipline or a series of electives. Students can major in the following Arts disciplines: English, French (Introductory and Post ATAR), Japanese (Introductory and Post ATAR).
  • Bachelor of Arts, La Trobe University. Areas of specialization: Ancient Greek, Chinese, Greek studies, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian studies, Japanese, Latin, Linguistics, Spanish with Portuguese.
  • Diploma of Languages, Griffith University. The ability to communicate in other languages and cultures will help you in almost any career you choose. International students are able to undertake the Diploma of Languages in conjunction with a CRICOS registered degree program.

Literature and Writing

Careers: in Creative writing, advertising, Copywriting, Professional writing, Publishing, journalism, Teaching (with further study).

  • Bachelor of Arts (English), La Trobe University. Subjects focus on various aspects and periods of literature in English, including Australian literature, American literature, postcolonial literatures, women's writing, biography and autobiography, as well as English literature and creative writing in various modes.
  • Bachelor of Creative Writing, University of the Sunshine Coast. Explores a variety of styles and genres in creative writing, offering options in writing for children and young adults, and contemporary and traditional adult fiction.
  • Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing (2 years), Holmesglen, Provide training in creative, business and technical writing, editing and the production of text.
  • Short courses in several languages, Holmesglen. Check it out!

Performing Arts & Theatre

Careers: in Actor, Entertainer, Performer, Contemporary Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Playwright, Director, Facilitator, Dramaturge, Musical theatre performer, Technical Operator,

  • Bachelor of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University (ECU). Training which builds skills to work across the diversity of art forms, encouraging students to think as an actor, writer, designer, director, manager and producer simultaneously. Major to choose from: Practice Transition and Performance Making.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Acting), Edith Cowan University (ECU). Acting, Movement, Dance, Music, Voice, Performance History, Critical Analysis, Professional Practice, Screen Studies and Screen Acting.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Dance), Edith Cowan University (ECU). An insight into dance as an art form and a social and educative experience. Provision is made for students with dance backgrounds other than ballet and contemporary, Students are required to complete practicum placement(s) as part of this course.
  • Bachelor of Dance Education (4 years), Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE). Students simultaneously broaden their experience in dance and in physical education, in an environment that focuses on educational pedagogy. Both areas are supported by the study of personal development, health, and the anatomy of the human body.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Drama), La Trobe University. Theatre theory, performance, theatre history, dramatic literature, genre studies and play criticism. There is opportunity for performance making and theatre production, and subjects include a component of practical work.
  • Bachelor of Theatre (Honours), Central Queensland University. Allows you to extend your knowledge in a specific area of the music and theatre industry and prepares you to enhance your career prospects or move successfully into postgraduate research.
  • Certificate IV in Live Production, Theatre and Events (Technical Operations), Gold Coast Institute of TAFE. Sound and lighting system operations, sound and lighting system installations, set construction, theatrical design and stage management.
  • Bachelor of Theatre (Specialisation), Central Queensland University. Specialist training in drama (acting and acquiring skills in voice and movement.), music theatre (singing, dancing and acting) or technical theatre (stagecraft, stage and production management, lighting, sound and technical direction).
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts, La Trobe University. Brings together media arts (screen+sound), theatre and performance, and writing (including creative writing, screen writing and writing for the media).


  • Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) (4 years), Australian National University (ANU). Designed for intellectually ambitious students who aspire to study at the highest level. In the fourth year you will undertake an Honours year centered around one Arts discipline.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy), La Trobe University. You learn to think rationally, creatively and fairly about the problems that face human beings and the contemporary world. Available subjects include: Critical thinking and logic, Philosophy of natural science, Human freedom, values, and God.
  • Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Australian National University (ANU). Study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and the manner in which they can be integrated to enhance our understanding and evaluation of the conduct of individual and collective agents and social institutions.
  • Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, La Trobe University. Its guiding premise is a recognition that economic, political and philosophical dimensions lie at the heart of every issue that informs life and work in contemporary society.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), La Trobe University. Subjects of study: Culture, family, gender, relationships, the emotions, everyday life, social policy, work, health and medicine, deviance, ethnicity, religion, social movements, community studies, social theory, inequality, the environment and many others.


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