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  • Bachelor Degree 4 years.
  • College Advanced Diploma 3 years.
  • College Diploma 2 years.
  • International student tuition fees at Canada's 40 universities range from C$4,000 to C$18,000/year.
  • After six months of full-time study, you are eligible to work part-time for the duration of your studies.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Major Program in Geography), Thompson Rivers University. Emphasizes work in human geography and specifically in areas of cultural/historical, environmental and urban geography.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Major Program in History), Thompson Rivers University. For students whose ambitions include graduate work in the discipline, a career in law, journalism, education, or government.

Literature and Writing

Careers: in Communications officer, Copy editor, Researcher, Proofreader, Web content writer, Freelance writer.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major Program in English), Thompson Rivers University. Offers three options within the English major: a Traditional Survey Option, a Contemporary Literature Option and a Rhetoric and Professional Writing.
  • Diploma in Professional Writing (2 years), Algonquin College. Students learn to write for print and the Internet in a wide variety of formats.

Performing Arts & Theatre

Careers: in small, medium or large Theatre companies.

  • Diploma in Theatre Arts (2 years), Algonquin College. Stage acting, acting for the camera, directing for stage, stage management, technical theatre, and design and play production.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Major Program in Sociology), Thompson Rivers University. Provides a broad liberal arts education by combining a concentration in at least one discipline or thematic area with requirements that ensure a broad selection of courses.


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