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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years
  • Tuition NZ$ 20,000 to 25,000/year for international students.
  • You can work part-time while you study.
  • Plenty of specializations available.


Careers: Community work, Consumer research and advertising, Cross-cultural relations consultancy, Cultural heritage management, Ethnographer, Museum Curator.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Cultural Anthropology), Victoria University. Explore how culture is expressed in areas such as ritual, symbolism, language, personality, religion, inequality, gender, family, art and politics. Compare life in New Zealand to the way people live in a range of diverse locations around the world.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology), University of Waikato. You will study sociocultural anthropology, which looks at a whole range of societies from tribal groups to Western society and the ways in which people organise and understand themselves. The Pacific area is central to much of its teaching and research.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology), University of Otago. There are three broad areas of Anthropology at Otago: archaeology, biological anthropology and social anthropology. Students who are interested in sociology should consider taking some Anthropology papers


Careers: Civil Defence, Conservation, Crown Research Institutes, Hydrologist, Information analyst, Planner, Policy analyst, Cartographer.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Geography), Victoria University. In no other country are there more important reasons to study the land alongside the people who inhabit it. Along with a distinct local flavour, geography gives you a truly global knowledge base.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Geography), University of Waikato. Focus on human geography with papers in: environmental planning, and geographic information systems as well as in social and cultural geography.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Geography), University of Otago. Focus on regions of uneven development; geographies of social categories like ethnicity and gender; urban and rural change; geopolitical conflict; the human use of natural resources; the process and implications of economic restructuring.


Careers: Communications, Government, Journalist, Media, Policy analyst, Publishing, Teacher, Archivist, Documentary Researcher, Professional Historian, Tour Guide.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Classical Studies, Greek or Latin), Victoria Univrsity. No previous understanding of either Latin or Greek is required. You will get a comprehensive training in rigorous thinking, analysis, and the understanding of complex issues, as well as an invaluable education in the literature, history, myth, and art of the ancient world.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Classics), University of Otago. A broad approach to Greek and Roman civilisation, covering history, literature, art, mythology and religion.
  • Bachelor of Arts (History), University of Waikato. World History 600-1900CE, Hyperpower: The United States, War and Society, New Zealand Histories: Fresh Perspectives, Global Histories: 1900 – the Present, Founding Peoples of Britain and Ireland, History on Film, American history, Australian history, European history, researching K iwi/Māori history, social and cultural history, environmental history and digital histories.
  • Bachelor of Arts (History), University of Otago. To see the perspective of New Zealand's position in today's world, to know how cultures and countries developed and to understand Māori-Pakeha relations in contemporary New Zealand.

Languages, Interpretation and Translation

Careers: Banking, External relations, International agencies International business, Interpreter, Technical translator, Tourism, Speech-language therapist, Language Policy and Planning, Language School Management.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Modern Language Studies), Victoria University. Study of a modern language with courses in Linguistics to provide a comprehensive language package. You can study Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Māori, Samoan or Spanish - whichever inspires you the most.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language & Japanese Language), Auckland University of Technology. Combines the study of Japaneseor Chinese language, society, culture and business etiquette with core papers that equip graduates with skills in communication, technology and research.
  • Bachelor of Arts (International Languages and Culture), University of Waikato. Consists of language acquisition papers (one of Chinese, Japanese, French, German or Spanish), complemented by core culture-oriented papers, with an emphasis on issues of text and translation.
  • Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy, Massey University. A combination of academic coursework.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics), University of Waikato. Studying linguistics provides insights into the way languages work, and enhances students' understanding of their own language and of those they are studying.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Language and Linguistics), University of Otago. Study the nature of the Language structure, use and development, together with several Languages available: Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Linguistics, Māori, Portuguese & Spanish.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Interpreting), Auckland University of Technology. Suitable for students who already speak two languages very well. AUT has the longest tradition of teaching Interpreting in New Zealand. Programmes are thorough and practise-based, leading to qualifications directly related to professional activity.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Translation), Auckland University of Technology. Ideal for competent writers of two languages who have an interest in acquiring the specific skills of the art of translation. The legal and health sectors offer the majority of translation work.
  • Bachelor of Arts (New Zealand Sign Language - English Interpreting), Auckland University of Technology. New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is recognised as an official, native language of New Zealand. AUT is the only place in New Zealand where you can train to become a qualified NZSL-English Interpreter.

Literature and Writing

Careers: Advertising, Editor, Librarian, Market researcher, Public relations, Publishing, Teacher, Creative Writer

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in English Literature), Victoria University. English Literature from Old English to the present day, and literature in English from New Zealand, the Pacific and America. At the heart of all our courses are the skills of advanced reading and writing.
  • Bachelor of Arts (English), University of Waikato. Papers are drawn from literatures written in English since medieval times, and from all major English-speaking cultures, especially from the United Kingdom, North America, India, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Bachelor of Arts (English), University of Otago. Designed to fulfil three main aims: opening up the vast and delightful range of literatures written in English; providing a grasp of the concepts and techniques for analysing texts; and improving communication skills of every kind.
  • Bachelor of Arts (English and New Media Studies), Auckland University of Technology. Approaches the language from a number of perspectives, with paper choices in the areas of new media, language, literature and culture studies, creative writing, and English language teaching.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Writing Studies), University of Waikato. Develop an understanding of how language works, and foster the creativity and intellectual independence which are the prerequisites for excellent academic, professional and creative writing.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing), Auckland University of Technology. provides students the opportunity to explore and develop their creative writing capabilities for the page and screen, from the level of reflective portfolio work to the composition of sustained literary or multi-media text.

Performing Arts & Theatre

Careers: Actor, Arts administrator, Broadcasting, Director, Playwright, Script editor, Stage manager, Theatre and media producer, Theatre Technician.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts), University of Otago. for students who wish to pursue learning across a range of performance-based disciplines such as dance, drama, design, media and music
  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Theatre), Victoria University. Acting, technical work, directing and public performance. Not aimed to provide vocational training.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Studies), University of Waikato. You will learn about performance, the evolution of theatre and the creation of performance works. The practical tutorials, seminars and rehearsals take place in the theatre laboratory space.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Studies), University of Otago. Based in Allen Hall Theatre, which is a working theatre. You will become involved in productions at the theatre, (both onstage and backstage) as part of your course work.


Careers: Ethics, Human Resources, Law, Research Analyst, Technical Writer, Writer.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Philosophy), Victoria University. The study of Philosophy will help you with other courses you take at university. Creative, critical and cogent thinking are fundamental to every subject and academic staff is always looking to see how well you demonstrate these qualities in your work.
  • Bachelor of Philosophy, Massey University. There shall be a written examination, and the candidates may also be required to present themselves for a practical and an oral examination; they shall also be required to submit a thesis.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy), University of Waikato. Introduction to Logic, Critical Reasoning, Social and Moral Philosophy, The Big Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy, Language and communication, science, minds and machines, moral and political philosophy, environment, media, and work ethics, logic and reality.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy), University of Otago. Higher level Philosophy papers examine the foundations of many disciplines including the sciences, mind and language, religion, ethics, politics and logic.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy, Politics and Economics), University of Otago. The aim of the programme is to give a broader exposure to the range of analytical approaches in these three disciplines than would be gained within any one of the traditional single-discipline majors.

Religion, Culture and Society

Careers: Community organisations, Counsellor, Education, Health, Social worker.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Religious Studies), Victoria University. Gives you a broad and comprehensive introduction to the major religious traditions of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism, as well as the religions of India, China, and Japan. Learn about the ways in which religion impacts on the contemporary world.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies), University of Otago. Seeks both to understand religion as a universal human phenomenon and to explore the variety of ways in which people express their religious commitments in thought and action.


Careers: Resource manager, Social science researcher, Social worker, Teacher, Town planner.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Sociology), Victoria University. An exciting discipline that enables you to take a fresh look at social life. The scope is broad, the perspectives challenging, and the insights thought-provoking.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), University of Otago. There is an emphasis on the way in which dynamics and social structures change over time.

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