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  • Bachelor Degree 3.5 years = 210 ECTS.
  • One semester = 30 ECTS.
  • Top-Up 1.5 years.
  • Programmes will include work experience in Denmark or abroad.
  • Tuition €0/year EU students.
  • Tuition 65,000- 71,000 DKK international students.
  • Fees for study materials, books and field trips.
  • Start dates September.


Careers. E-shop manager, e-commerce, e-marketing, cross-media designer.

  • Bachelor e-Concept Development, UCN Univerisity College of Northern Denmark. 1.5 years top-up to complete your Degree and add a business focus to your design studies. For graduates of AP Design, Technology and Business or Computer Science Multimedia.

Sport Management.

Careers. Club Manager, Event Coordinator, Sport Executive, mid-level Manager, Sport Marketing.

  • Bachelor Degree in Sport Management, UCN University College of Northern Denmark. 1.5 year top-up for students with an AP Degree in Hospitality, Marketing or Financial Management, or with a relevant background in Sports.

Event Management.

Careers. Event Management, International Conferences, Assemblies, IGO and NGO events, Festivals, Music, Sport Events.

  • Bachelor in Leisure Management, University College Sealand. Graduates from this course will have the skills to work in events, tourism, sports or hospitality with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. 3.5 years includes an internship of 6 months.

Trade and Commerce.

Careers. Account Manager, Sales Representative, Assistant Sales Manager or Sales Manager, Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

  • Bachelor International Sales and Marketing, UCN University College of Northern Denmark. 1.5 years if you have an AP or Diploma. Are you passionate about international trade? This Degree will help you enter the market.
  • Bachelor Export and Technology Management, UCN University College of Northern Denmark. 3.5 years. This programme will provide you with insight into what companies do when they sell technical products and solutions.
  • Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management. Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. The purpose of the programme is to qualify the students to work independently in analysing, planning and implementing domestic and international marketing activities in trade, production and service industries. 1.5 years includes an internship in semester 3.
  • AP Commerce Management, Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. 2 year academic programme leading to a Top Up in International Sales and Markeitng. Practical programme including internship.


Careers. Operations management, Service operations management, Supply chain management, Strategic procurement, Management-level positions in service industry and areas traditionally associated with business operations management.

  • AP Logistic Management, Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. A 2-year professionally-oriented programme which qualifies graduates to work within the field of international transport and logistics. Practical programme including internship.


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