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  • Bachelor Degree 3.5 years = 210 ECTS
  • One semester = 30 ECTS
  • Top-Up 1.5 years
  • Programmes will include work experience in Denmark or abroad
  • Tuition €0/year EU students
  • Tuition 65,000- 71,000 DKK international students
  • Fees for study materials, books and field trips
  • Start dates September

Computer Science

  • AP Degree Computer Science, UCN, 2.5 years (2 years study and 0.5 internship). Prepare to work as a computer programmer, system developer, web developer, network administrator, IT consultant, user consultant, system administrator or IT co-ordinator.
  • AP Degree IT and Electronics Technology, UCN, 2.5 years (2 years study and 0.5 internship). Specialize in either Electronics or in Network and finish with a 6 month internship to consolidate your preparation.
  • AP Degree Computer Science, Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. The programme in Computer Science provides you with a broad profile in IT. You will be in a position to develop, update and maintain IT systems on your own initiative, both in public institutions and in companies. The Programme in Computer Science combines theory with practical problem issues and provides relevant job qualifications. You will gain a thorough insight into computer methodology and concepts, business organization, economics, production management, and environmental conditions related to business. 2.5 years, 150 ECTS.

IT Communication and New Media

  • Bachelor Degree IT, Communication and New Media, Aalborg University, Copenhagen campus. Learn to work with advanced information and communications technologies enabling new applications based on Internet, mobile and broadcast (radio & TV) platforms. Gain a profound understanding of the technologies and their potential, learn how to apply technology in practice through analysis and development of innovative services, applications and solutions that target specific user needs.

E-Concept Development

  • Bachelor of E-Concept Development, Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. Students will learn about service design, leisure economy, storytelling, user-friendliness, digital design development, project management and inter-cultural relations. The teaching will take place in a multi-cultural environment with the emphasis on teamwork, e-learning and virtual project management. 1.5 years includes internship in semester 3. 90 ECTS.


  • Bachelor Degree Medialogy, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Aalborg and Esbjerg campuses.  gain knowledge about film, animation and music technology and learn how design and computer science go hand in hand in today's and tomorrow's media productions. You will gain insight into the creative processes and thinking that precedes any media production.

 Product Development

  • Bachelor Degree Product Development and Integrative Technology (top-up), UCN, final 1.5 years.  Take part in product development processes and control and manage them, make a decisive contribution to the meaningful integration of several technologies in the development of products and services of a business, actively involve end-users in the development phase through user-driven innovation.

Software Development

  • Bachelor Degree Software Development (top-up), UCN, final 1.5 years. Designed for graduates of the AP Degree programme in Computer Science.  The programme will ensure you a profound understanding and knowledge within the technical and theoretical aspects of software development, and you will learn to use different database types and think in terms of developing existing systems.

Technology and Business

  • Bachelor Degree e-Concept Development (top-up), UCN, final 1.5 years.  Do you have a degree in Design, Technology & Business (Graphics) or Multimedia Design & Communication.  Would you like to qualify to develop concepts strategically and practically within all kinds of digital platforms? Would you like to learn more about user driven innovation and user experience on the web? Then the new 1.5-year Bachelor Degree programme in E-concept Development is just the thing...

Web Development

  • Bachelor Degree Web Development (top-up), UCN, final 1.5 years.  Designed for AP Degree programmes students of Computer Science and Multimedia Design & Communication.  Provides competencies to work in the design and construction of all kinds of web apps. Learn to work across media, applications and platforms, gain knowledge of analysis and the use of various systems such as XML and CMS.  The Web Development programme is your way to a promising and exciting future in web and multimedia technology.
  • Bachelor of Web Development, Zealand Institute of Business and Technology. The purpose of the programme is to qualify the students to work independently in designing and constructing web applications of all sizes. 1.5 years includes an internship in semester 3. 90 ECTS.


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