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  • Bachelor Degree 3 years
  • Bachelor Degree with Honours + 1 year
  • Diploma 40 weeks

  • Tuition International NZ$ 20,050 to NZ$23,000/year


  • Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Waikato University, 3 years. Major in Computing Science, the knowledge 'behind the scenes'. The fundamental question it asks is: What can be efficiently automated?
  • Computer Science Major, Bachelor of Sciences/Mathematical Sciences, AUT, 3 years. Focuses on cutting-edge technology, first in New Zealand to offer cell phone programming, mobile 3D graphics programming and programming distributed systems using Bluetooth. Emphasis the latest programming developments and application.
  • Computer Science Major, Bachelor of Computer and Information Systems, AUT, 3 years. Advanced aspects of technical software, advanced algorithms, multi threading and user interfaces, theory and science behind probability, applications and computation.
  • Computer and Mobile Systems Major, Bachelor of Engineering Technology, AUT, 3 years. Focuses on development, operation and maintenance of software and hardware in application to mobile communications devices, embedded systems and networks

Information and Communication Technology

  • Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA), Victoria University, 4 years. Includes Information Systems and e-Commerce. The Information Systems major is concerned about the role of ICT professionals in building and implementing ICT-based solutions to problems faced by commercial organisations. The e-Commerce programme focuses on how ICT systems, particularly the internet, facilitate new ways of doing business.
  • Bachelor of Information Sciences, Massey University, 3 years. Unique degree that prepares graduates for a career in Information & Communication Technology (ICT). Professionals are highly paid and find their work extremely rewarding as they have to tackle challenging problems across all walks of life including ecology, finance, education and many more.
  • Bachelor of Information Sciences with Honours, Massey University, + 1 year. For students with high performance in their Bachelor of Information Science.
  • Information Systems Science, Bachelor of Computer and Information Systems, AUT, 3 years. Theory and science behind management and use of information, including information architecture, information modelling, data mining, knowledge engineering, and database design.
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Victoria University, 4 years. Scientific principles underlying Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to design and construction of ICT-based systems. 3 specialisations - Electronic and Computer System Engineering, Network Engineering or Software Engineering. Honours + 1 year.

Information Technology and Design

  • Bachelor of Design Innovation, Victoria University, 4 years. Creative and often the choice for students who wish to combine Information and Communication Technology with design. Also scope to include a minor in another field such as film and theatre.

IT Services




  • Software Development Major, Bachelor of Computer and Information Systems, AUT, 3 years.  Develop programmes using Java development environment, design and implementation of software and software engineering. Core concepts of operating systems, database design, and web development. Electives in artificial intelligence, computer graphics and animation, needs analysis and commercial off-the-shelf acquisition.

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