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  • Theory combined with practice.
  • Bachelor Degree 3 years; Bachelor Hons +1 year.
  • Diploma 2 years.
  • Certificate 1 year.
  • Tuition A$20,000 to 24,000/year.
  • Work while you study.
  • Cool and chill.
  • Check Worldwide for destination details.
  • Check below for content and requisites.


Careers. Independent ceramicists, Industry.

  • Diploma of Ceramics, (2 years), Holmesglen. Knowledge of ceramic raw materials, a high level of technical competence in handling processes and a solid background in design.

Creative Industries, Art and Design.

Careers. Designer, Graphic Designer, Retail Spatial Designer, Interior Designer, Display and Event Designer, Game Designer, Animator, Web Designer.

  • Bachelor of Digital Arts, Australian National University. Study digital media arts and specialise in video, animation, digital compositing, sound art, internet art and hybrid digital art.
  • Bachelor of Digital Media, Griffith University. Cross-study and specialisation in digital design, 3D design, ePhotojournalism, fine art and graphic design.
  • Bachelor of Business/ Digital Media, Griffith University. Develop extensive skills in both business management and creative design and software application skills.
  • BA Design, Griffith University. Future in industries that value sustainability, innovative thinking and demand high professional standards. Major in visual communication design, interior design or product design.
  • Bachelor of Design Arts, Australian National University. Use of current digital technology for design development, fabrication and promotion.
  • Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication), University of Western Sydney. Design management, the history and theory of visual communication design, typography, advertising, the web and visual literacy, through a range of studio and project work.
  • Bachelor of Design and Technology, University of Western Sydney. Comprehensive knowledge of all design areas, with the flexibility to specialize in product design, packaging, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, exhibition design and secondary school teaching.
  • Bachelor of Design and Communication, University of the Sunshine Coast. Combine computer-based visual design with a career in communications. Specialize in graphic design, e-media design or 3D design. Opportunities to exhibit in the USC Gallery.
  • Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business (Design and Marketing),University of the Sunshine Coast. Combine business and marketing skills with computer-based design expertise. Earn two degrees in only four years.
  • Bachelor of Multimedia Studies, Central Queensland University. Combine new media technology with creative arts. Accredited at the highest level by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).
  • Bachelor of Applied Design (Communication), Billy Blue College of Design. Typography, branding, publication design, advertising, image making, packaging, web design, information design and advertising.
  • Bachelor of Applied Design (Digital Media), Billy Blue College of Design. Process of communicating specifically in a digital environment using images, typography, sound, motion and interactivity for expression, communication, social interaction and education.
  • Diploma of Interactive Digital Media, (1 year), Holmesglen. Intensive and practical course including web, graphic, animation and games design using industry standard software applications.
  • Certificate IV in Design, (1 year), Holmesglen. Prepares post secondary students for further studies in Art and Design courses at Diploma and Degree level by providing a general grounding and opportunity to produce an entry level folio.
  • Certificate IV in Interactive Digital Media packaged with Diploma of Interactive Digital Media, (1 year), Gold Coast Institute of TAFE. Designing, developing, authoring and maintaining a variety of interactive environments and creating 2D digital animation, games, digital simulations and digital images.
  • Bachelor of Creative Industries, Edith Cowan University. Enable graduates to meet the challenges of employment (including self-employment) in today's society in which the creative industries play an increasingly central role.
  • Bachelor of New Media Arts (Illustration and Visual Media), James Cook University. Combine the creative flair and precision of traditional illustration with the high-tech digital illustration of today to create a comprehensive, work-place ready program for up-and-coming artists.
  • Bachelor of Creative Industries (Media Design), James Cook University. Creative use of images, text, voice, sound, video and graphics for a wide variety of commercial and artistic purposes. Emphasizes the role of the artist and the development of creative concepts in media design and art.
  • Bachelor of New Media Arts (Media Design), James Cook University. Principles and practice of graphic and multimedia design for contemporary media. Theory and design practice in contemporary media using the latest technology.


Careers. Buyer, Editor, Designer, Illustrator, Stylist.


Careers. Character animators, game play level designers, lighting artists, 3D modelling artists, concept artists, 2D and 3D animators, graphic designers, storyboard developers and design layout artists, video game industry.


Careers. Graphic Designer, Electronic publishing operators, desktop publishers and multimedia electronic designers.

  • Bachelor of Graphic Design, La Trobe University. Brand management, advertising, print management, commercial illustration and photography. It emphasizes skills development relevant to roles in diverse areas of the print industry. 
  • Certificate in Graphic Design, (1 year), Southbank Institute of Technology. Principles and Elements of Design, Drawing, Typography, Colour Theory, Reproduction Processes, Communication skills and computer software applications.
  • Diploma in Graphic Design, (2 years), Southbank Institute of Technology. Graphic Design, involving in-depth study at foundation level into Design Processes, Drawing/Illustration Techniques, Typography, Printing and Reproduction Processes and Computer Graphics.
  • Certificate in Printing and Graphic Arts, (1 year), Southbank Institute of Technology. Focus on management/sales in printing or operational leadership. Individuals can also progress to a Diploma of Graphic Design.
  • Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design, (2 years), Holmesglen. Provide a broad range of skills and knowledge in the graphic arts and design field; with strong practical skills.
  • Diploma of Graphic Design, (2 years), Holmesglen. Ability to provide design work appropriate to industry needs and standards, and to plan and select appropriate services and techniques for use in the graphic art and design industry.
  • Diploma of Printing and Graphic Arts (Digital Production),(1 year), Holmesglen. Skills in Adobe In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver to prepare artwork for digital, print and online advertising/marketing documentation.
  • Certificate II in Printing and Graphic Arts (Desktop Publishing), (1 year), Holmesglen. Skills in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver to prepare material for print and web such as brochures, flyers, newsletters.
  • Diploma of Graphic Design, (18 months), Gold Coast Institute of TAFE. Exciting and unique program that combines the best in practical knowledge from industry experts and hands-on training using Apple Macs and Microsoft Windows PC's.
  • Diploma of Graphic Design (25 weeks), Martin College (Brisbane and Sydney). You´ll study: Creative Advertising, Enhance and Manipulate Digital Images, Digital Prepress Production, Design for Screens and Interactivity, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Identify the Market, Professional Practice, Website Design, Computer Graphics, Multimedia Design, Make a Presentation.
  • Certificate IV in Graphic Design (25 weeks), Martin College (Brisbane and Sydney). You will achieve the fundamentals of design, enabling you to quickly and effectively represent, communicate and refine concepts. Learn how to enhance your creativity through the use of contemporary creative software, and bring your creative ideas to life.

Industrial and Product.

Careers. Corporate or in-house designer, Consultant, Production designer, Production manager or self-employment, Furniture designer, Manufacturer, Furniture producer.


Careers. Commercial and residential interior design, Interactive and responsive environment design, Museum and exhibition design, Production design for film and television, Theatre and performance design, Visual and spatial branding.


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