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  • Bachelor Degree 4 years.
  • College Advanced Diploma 3 years.
  • College Diploma 2 years.
  • After six months of full-time study, you are eligible to work part-time for the duration of your studies.>
  • International student tuition fees at Canada’s 40 universities range from C$4,000 to C$18,000/year.
  • Check Worldwide for destination details.
  • Check below for content and requisites.

Creative Industries, Arts and Design.

Careers. Preparation for post-secondary level studies in Design.


Careers. Software developers, Programmer analysts, Character modeller and animator, Level designer, Environment and effects artist, Texture, Game concept developer.

  • Diploma in Game Development Technician, (2 years), St. Lawrence College. Basic game concepts, introductory computer programming in C++, basic game console electronics, computer operating system usage, database storage techniques, sound and design.
  • Diploma in Game Art and Design, (2 years), Centennial College. Innovative design and storytelling in the dynamic, ever-expanding and intensely creative interactive game industry.
  • Advanced Diploma in Game Development, (3 years), Algonquin College. Game design and development, traditional and digital imaging, animation and programming.


Careers. Graphic designers in different related industries.

  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, (3 years), St. Lawrence College. Principles and practice of graphic design and typography, photography/ digital imaging, drawing, colour theory, illustration, computer–based graphics applications, web design, motion graphics, communications and business courses.
  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design – Media, (3 years), Centennial College. Develop your visual design skills for print and electronic media, emerge with multidisciplinary creative skills for today’s diverse and demanding industry. Explore students’ work!
  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, (3 years), Algonquin College. Practical and theoretical training in typography, the basic fundamentals of creativity, design, image, form, colour, and production skills.


Careers. Interior designers, Related industry, Plumbing and hardware supply.

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts – Interior Design, Algonquin College. Accredited with the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. Strong experiential component. Professional and general studies with an emphasis on critical thinking and applied research.
  • Graduate Certificate in Kitchen and Bath Design, (1 year), Algoquin College. Taught by certified professionals from the kitchen and bath industry, teaches students to design kitchens and baths for the residential market.

Multimedia Design and Communication.

Careers. Computer animator, Video game designer and developer, Multimedia developer, Web application designer, E-commerce, Mobile application usability tester, Mobile application marketer.


Careers. Web administrator, Internet application developer, Web application architect, Web programmer, E-Commerce architect, E-Commerce developer, Web specialist.


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