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  • Bachelor (Hons.) Degree 3 years.
  • Possible 4th year in industry or placement.
  • HND or Associate Degree 2 years.
  • Work while you study.
  • Tuition £9,000/year for EU students at British public universities.
  • Check Worldwide for destination details.
  • Check below for content and requisites.

3D and Visual Effects.

Careers. Web, Digital, Media and creative industries, Designer for a range of 3D applications.

  • BA (Hons.) Digital Media, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury. Web design, imaging, 2D, 3D animation, digital cinema, multimedia. Delivered in specialist facilities of the Canterbury Campus; specialist digital media suites with the latest computer hardware and software, supported by dedicated technicians.
  • BA (Hons.) 3D Design, (4 months), University of Central Lancashire, Preston. explores contemporary 3D design practice from an international design perspective. The course mixes the creative use of freehand drawing and computer aided detailing and presentation with workshop based research and development to give the student an understanding of the requirements of one-off, batch and industrial production.

Automotive and Transport.

Careers. Leading positions in the Automotive and Transport industry, Design consultants, Modellers, Illustrators, CAD professionals, Managers, Marketing professionals, Entrepreneurs/business owners.

  • MdDEs/BA(Hons.), Coventry University, Coventry. Automotive Design at Coventry University is recognised by the automotive industry as the leading undergraduate course for the design of the exterior and interior form of cars in the UK. It is responsible for producing graduates in senior automotive design roles all over the world.
  • MDes/BA (Hons.) Transport Design, Coventry University. Leading Transport Design course in the UK, with past graduates working in the industry all over the world. 4 yeasrs Mdes or 3 years BA (Hons.) with professional placement.

Creative Industries, Art and Design.

Careers. Worker in the Visual arts and Creative industries.

  • BA (Hons.) Visual Arts and Design, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury. You can choose to specialize in Image and Communication or Performance and Events, each leading you to different career options.


Careers. Fashion Design, Illustration, Colour and Trend Prediction, Buying, Fashion Graphics, Fashion Production and Fashion Marketing, Surface pattern designer.

  • BA (Hons.) Fashion, Coventry University, Coventry. If you want to be a fashion designer or work in fashion marketing, think about this course.
  • BFA (Hons.) Fashion Marketing and Design, specialization in Fashion Design, American InterContinental University, London. Develop creative ideas through fashion research, to prototype and construct garments and to design collections in both womenswear and menswear.
  • BFA (Hons.) Fashion Marketing and Design, specialization in Costume Design, American InterContinental University, London. Fashion and Business converge; develop fashion design and garment construction skills, resulting in the creation of a design portfolio; learn the business end of the fashion industry.
  • BA (Hons.) Digital Design for Fashion, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. Over the three years you cover research, customer profiling, fashion design, technical communication, fashion illustration, presentation, CAD, trend prediction, global fashion awareness.
  • BA (Hons.) Fashion Design, University of Central Lancashire. Womenswear and Menswear: design development, range building, pattern cutting, production techniques, 'live' projects with industry; fashion illustration and presentation, CAD, trend prediction.
  • BA (Hons.) Fashion Brand Management, University of Central Lancashire. Areas include Visual Presentation, Journalism, Trend Prediction, Advertising, Graphic Layout, Market Research, Photography and Multi Media Computer work. Skills can be developed in Marketing, Management, Photography, Advertising.
  • BA (Hons) Fashion, Southampton Solent University, You can focus on one of two specialist pathways: Fashion Design and Development or Fashion Promotion and Communication. Great flexible programme.
  • BA (Hons) Fashion Graphics, Southampton Solent University. This highly creative course allows you to focus on fashion whilst being able to present your innovative ideas using graphic design methods. You will hone your IT, layout, drawing and design skills, using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • BA (Hons) Fashion with Photography, Southampton Solent University. Focus on fashion while developing industry-relevant skills that to work in a variety of roles, including photographer, stylist or art director.
  • BA (Hons) Fashion Styling, Southampton Solent University. You will study fashion forecasting and concept trend development while also developing an understanding of how fashion stylists work creatively with magazines (in studios and on location), influence designers, and help 'theme and stage' catwalk shows.
  • BA (Hons) Make-Up and Hair Design, Southampton Solent University. Creative, conceptual and forward-thinking courses, you will develop high-level professional design skills which seek to treat the body as a canvas.
  • BA (Hons.) Textiles, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. development of new and innovative textiles: students interpret felt, print, dye, knits in unusual and unexpected technologies and materials.


Careers. Game designer.

  • BA (Hons.) Games Design, University of Central Lancashire. Most suited to those individuals wishing to become involved in visualising, games design, conceptual design, animation and digital modelling of games within the games industry. 
  • BSc (Hons.) Games Technology, Coventry University. The future of the industry is dependent on graduates with skills in programming and an understanding of code design, testing and graphics.
  • BA (Hons) Computer and Video Games, Southampton Solent University. Cutting edge course to prepare you for a career in the fast-moving games industry. Practise digital art production, immerse in creative and critical aspects of game art, game play and game narrative.


Careers. Media production and technology, Web production, Multimedia, News graphics.

  • BA (Hons.) Graphic Design, Canterbury Christchurch University. Produce creative, visually stunning, industry-standard design and illustration for print and digital display.
  • BA (Hons.) Graphic Design, Coventry University. A career in graphic design requires intelligence, imagination, originality and a thorough knowledge and understanding of the craft and technological skills required for print, the Internet, moving image and multimedia. This course prepares you for that.
  • BA (Hons.) Illustration and Graphics, Coventry University. This course provides the skills and experiences needed to work as leading contemporary illustrators, designers or media makers working both in the UK and internationally. 3 years + 1 study abroad or professional placement.
  • BA (Hons.) Graphic Design, University of Central Lancashire. Generate ideas for a range of applications covering digital and print platforms including identity, branding, advertising, packaging and editorial. Graduates work for top national and international design studios.
  • BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Southampton Solent University. Students become instigators in the research and design process! Exciting! Graduates obtain breadth and depth of enquiry and resulting design.
  • BFA Visual Communication: Graphic Design, American InterContinental University, London. Command the creative development process including aspects such as design development, typography, art direction, computer design and portfolio development.
  • BA (Hons.) Digital Design for Graphics, University of Central Lancashire. Digital visual communication and associated design opportunities in new media.
  • BSc (Hons.) Infographics, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. Conceive, design and produce effective communication graphics. The course has been created in collaboration with key industry employers, primarily the BBC.

Industrial and Product.

Careers. Product designer, In-house designer for a product manufacturer, Concept designer, Automotive stylist, Concept artist in films/games industry.

  • BA (Hons.) Product Design, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. By the end of your studies you will be working to present your design ideas not only at the School Degree Show, but also at ‘New Designers’ in London.
  • BSc (Hons.) Product Design, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. From initially identifying a problem, you will be taken through the ‘design process’ and introduced to the skills and techniques, such as model making, visualisation, technological specifications and material selections that can guarantee a competitive advantage in the professional design environment.
  • MDes/BA (Hons.) Product Design, Coventry University. Specialist areas include consumer product design, industrial product design, and design for sports products and toys. Graduates work at the cutting edge of product design generating new concepts and innovations for home and professional items.
  • BA (Hons) Product Design, Southampton Solent University. From motorcycles to mobile phones, from sunglasses to skateboards, product designers are responsible for creating products which are attractive, desirable and satisfying to own and use.


Careers. Interior designer, Consultant, In-house designer, Computer 3D visualiser, Specialist retail shop design, Events and exhibitions.

  • BA (Hons.) Interior Design, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. Blend of practical skills, professionalism and creativity.
  • BFA Interior Design: Generalist Specialization, American InterContinental University, London. industry-focused interior design exploring unity, balance, proportion, scale and rhythm. design project, contextual analysis, color psychology, client analysis, presentation techniques.
  • BFA Interior Design: Specialization in Commercial Interior Design, American InterContinental University, London. Coursework is structured to assist students in the development of their goals as they acquire the knowledge and skills common to interior design professionals.
  • Mdes/BA (Hons.) Interior Design, (10 months), Coventry University. Specialisms in interior design, architecture and transport. Furniture, lighting, spacial design, are just some of the focuses.
  • BA (Hons) Interior Design, Southampton Solent University. you will study spatial design, photographic practices, materials and textiles, magazine and editorial applications, interior design historical styles and movements, homestaging and fashioning interior spaces.

Multimedia Design and Communication.

Careers. Multimedia, Web designer, Management skills.

  • BSc (Hons.) Web and Multimedia, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. Web design and production at a professional level including user experience design, project management, scripting/programming, graphic design, client liaison and effective service delivery.
  • BA (Hons.) Multimedia Design, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury. multimedia design skills, digital imaging and web authoring, and a second discipline such as photography, music production, or business management.
  • BA (Hons.) Web Design, Imaging, video and animation, professional web-design skills such as XHTML, CSS, PHP and content management systems to produce web-design work.

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